Wednesday, August 18, 2010

To the Snow

We are headed tomorrow afternoon to the Snowy Mountains.

It's about 6 hours southwest of Sydney. We're going to ski/sled/fall on our faces at on the slopes at Perisher, but the Snowy Mountains also has towns called Tumbarumba and Tumut and Jindabyne all kinds of other fun names. I love the place names here, and I'm sure we have the Aboriginals to thank for it. There's a neighborhood in the city called "Wooloomooloo". Now if that's not awesome, I really don't know what is.

But as I was saying. We're headed, as they say here, to the snow for the weekend. And as always, all the preparations to leave are coming down to the last minute. It seems to be the way we roll. The hallway is lined with baskets of laundry and borrowed ski clothes. There is a stack of towels and sheets on the stairs. There is a list of snacks and DVDs and assorted essentials to bring. Jason is feverishly working on a paper (due at midnight), that I'm supposed to edit beforehand. (It's after 10pm.) Meanwhile, I am supposed to be preparing to teach my scripture class at the high school tomorrow morning, but as you can see, I'm talking to y'all instead.

Today we had a man here fixing some stuff at the house, and conveniently, he switched on the power saw just as Grace and Nate went down for their naps. That went over real, real well. So instead of having some kid-free time to pack, we switched to Plan B. Nate watched cartoons, cranked to ear-splitting levels to compete with the saw, and I scurried around upstairs, doing laundry, sorting clothes and trying to keep an eye on Grace. It didn't really go so well. After about the third time she hurt herself trying to follow me, I thought, "You know? Maybe I am trying to do too much right now."

So I sat down and had a fudge brownie. It seemed like the responsible thing to do.

Wish us luck!

Remember our last vacation? Our first night away still makes me shudder. I expect a repeat performance, and Jason says I'm too pessimistic. I say if you expect the worst, you'll rarely be disappointed, and sometimes you'll be pleasantly surprised.

I don't really say that.

(But I think it sometimes.)

Check y'all later!


  1. I hope you have a great, snowy trip!

    We had to stay in Ogallala, Nebraska this summer when driving home from Colorado, just because my husband liked the sound of it. Ogallala doesn't have much to offer, but at least the hotel was mostly decent!

  2. Grace looks so pretty I could kiss her face off!
    Y'all have fun and be safe! XOXO

  3. What a little snow bunny!

    God, is it STILL winter there? Or, I guess, is it still summer here?

    Are y'all going alone or with a group? Let us know how the night went.

  4. Oh Grace is such a cutie. Funny, I somehow knew you had some work going on yesterday, it only woke Jacob the once ;-)
    Everything crossed for a good few nights sleep for you all.
    Have fun in the snow!

  5. have fun at the snow! I hope the weather holds out for you (not wanting to be pessimistic or anything, just heard some reports that were not so good):)

  6. Ha - hope all goes well!

    Yes, glad you found me through our little paisley leather friend. I'm so in love with Laila. Stayed with them in the hospital for a few days when LG was born.

    My dad likes to visit your neck of the woods. He's been twice, each time for about a month. Not sure what city he was near though. I will ask him.

    Take care!