Sunday, August 1, 2010

Lessons Learned this weekend

Sunday night here. We've had a really nice weekend and just got home from church. Church was great tonight--I kidnapped our youth group during the service and took them out for coffee. It was a fun Sunday, but I am wiped. Done. Whooped. As they say. When it's bedtime, I think Jason will have to peel me off the couch. I have become one with the upholstery.

Here are some observations that are not only entirely random, but likely to add no value to your life whatsoever. Read on!

1. Jason and I saw "Inception" last night with some good friends of ours. Really entertaining movie, I thought. Like Becky said, it should've probably stunk--too complicated, lots of stuff going down, and explanations like "The military developed dream extraction technology" put forth to support the movie's whole premise. Yeah, the military. I love when movies explain away the most implausible scientific advances with "The military developed..." or "Scientists discovered...". And we're all 'sposed to go, "Really? Cool." But this time? It totally worked. I bought it and so did you. Fun and interesting movie. Freaky, but in a good way. And that Leonardo Dicaprio did a nice job. He's one to watch--i think he might make a career out of this.

2. I had a small salad as my first course for dinner that night. The main course was a box of popcorn that was bigger than your head. And a gallon of Diet Coke. And half a big bag of M&Ms. My observation here is that this was a really bad idea. I felt totally nauseated by the time the movie was over. The M&Ms mixed with the popcorn sat in my stomach like a big gluey mess. Also, salad does not cancel out the caloric value of all that other crap. But it was still fun--actually buying popcorn at the movies feels like such an extravagance to me!

3. When your four year old gets a splinter in his heel, the odds of him letting you get it out with a pair of tweezers are approximately equal to the odds of the military developing dream extraction technology.

4. The iPhone 4 went on sale in Australia this past Friday. Online stock was sold out within the first 27 minutes. Jason went by a mobile phone store on Friday afternoon to ask about getting one. After pointing and laughing at him for thinking he could just walk up and get one, the salesguy told him we could order online and wait up to 6 weeks. I think the magic iElves need to make those things a little faster, don't you?

5. Australia is in the midst of a federal campaign for Prime Minister. The election was called a week or two ago and is set for August 21st. Come again? Yes, friends, the campaign is only about 5 weeks long. There was one debate. Given that the last American presidential campaign went on for like 2 years, I think the US could take a page from this book. I mean, could we cut it down to a year, perhaps? A month long campaign makes me a little nervous--it seems a bit hasty, but then again, a two year campaign makes me feel like I did after eating all that popcorn and M&Ms. It's tasty and addictive at first, and then you just want it out of your face.

That's all I got, y'all. It is Sunday night, after all. And you know how I get on Sundays. But I leave you with this:

Because OMGosh at the cuteness. I love it and so do you.



  1. I do love it! She is total cuteness! I also love that you hijacked the youth and took them out for coffee. That is epic...

  2. I totally agree with your view on "Inception". What did you make of the spinning top at the end? That got us talking. Now, about those M and M's...yuck. Go see "Salt"for a good movie with a lot of surprises. Angelina was good in it too. That picture of Grace is so cute! She looks a lot like Nate in this one. She has changed so much since we last saw her.

  3. YOu are totally right that I love that cuteness. I have to ask the same question that Delaine did... my husband and I had totally different interpretations. I guess all those C19 novels have me trained to expect the worst, because I figured he was (SPOILER ALERT! DO NOT READ ON IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN THE MOVIE!) still dreaming. I kind of hate that Nolan left it up for us to decide. And I hate even more that lots of people are suggesting that the whole MOVIE was a dream, and that Mal really is still alive, yadda, yadda.

    I almost did a spit take on #3.

  4. Thanks, Kim. She is a sweetie, if I do say so. :)

    Yeah Beth (and Mom!), I don't know! We had the same discussion. I thought that maybe he was still dreaming...and I actually said to Jason that I thought maybe his wife was right and was the only one in the "real" reality. Jason disagreed. I think I need to see it again! I think American audiences expect much neater, satisfying endings, so maybe it wasn't a dream. Who knows??

  5. I do love that face, how cute is she! And yeah, popcorn at the movies is a total that it costs as much as steak (and probably has more calories too;).

  6. iElves. Love it. I love your blog! I'm like, "Eric, is she this funny in real life?" He's like, "yeah, she fuh-nee."

  7. OMG the cuteness of Grace!

    Yeah, when I first saw the movie I thought he was still dreaming because of the top and because the kids appear to be wearing the same clothes they had on the entire movie.

    But after talking it over with some other friends, I think it's exactly precisely calculated to be perfectly ambiguous. It makes you think both things--there's no right interpretation.

  8. One of my top-10 favorite Amy posts!! Tasty and addicting!

    And oh that Grace. Oh. Want me one-a those.