Wednesday, August 25, 2010

If you give your toddler a cereal bar

(Scenes from a road trip)

If you give your toddler a cereal bar...

...She'll want a Dorito to go with it.
Then she will screech like a rabid bat until you give her half the bag.

If you give your toddler a Dorito...

...She will want to paw your laptop with her nacho cheesy, cereal bar-y hands.

If you give your toddler all the snacks and all the chips in all the land and she has devoured them all...

...She will still demand your iPhone to play Barnyard Peekaboo.

And then, after she has scornfully used and dropped your now sludge-encrusted iPhone on the floor...

...She will stare reproachfully at you and demand another cereal bar.

Just so you know.

(P.S. We gave her Jason's old iPhone to play with, lest you think we'd completely lost our minds! The perils of a 7 hour drive with 3 kids will do strange things to your head, but not that strange.)


  1. P.P.S. Dad, don't worry-- we realized Ava had her seatbelt off her shoulder and had her put it back. I can read your mind. Ever-vigilant!

  2. I want you to autograph my copy of the book when you write it. I can just see the book shelves at Christmas time when this 'If You Give...." comes out. How funny!! Great post.

  3. Cutest. Post. Evar.

    The kids look gorgeous.

  4. The kids are gorgeous. Gracie is a terrorist extortionist.

  5. Susan's kids have the rabid bat screech down pat. And I am SO encouraged to know your parents must also be vigilant in monitoring the safety of their grandchildren. It's wearing me out!

  6. That sounds like, "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie". So cute!

  7. L ove this post! I think long car rides require lots of goodies. A nd lots of entertainment supplied by Ava and. Nate. Gracie is a force of nature.