Saturday, May 1, 2010

And then, during the cuticle trim, it happened.

Well I, personally, am proud of our accomplishments today.

First, Becky and I got pedicures--courtesy of my mother-in-law. (Thanks, Jan!)

Yes, I thought you might be interested in viewing our freshly painted toes. Mine are the ones in the green flip flops. My dad always makes fun of what he calls my "freakish looking" pinky toes. But I am not ashamed. After all, I can blame genetics for those gimpy toes--I'm sure he's in some way responsible for it.

Becky and I were picking out magazines to read during our pedicures, and in a moment of sisterly synchronicity, chose copies of the same People magazine. And that's when we had a genius idea.

The magazine had two separate snippets: one about teenage mother/minor celebrity Jamie Lynn Spears and one about teenage mother/minor celebrity Bristol Palin. When we saw that, true inspiration hit. We felt a little like Edison must have, when he was all, "Hey--what if I made some light bulb thingys?" Or like when Einstein was like, "Hey--E equals MC or whatever." What if, Becky and I mused, the next big reality TV show followed Bristol and Jamie Lynn getting an apartment together in insert name of big city here and raising their babies together?

Oh, the zany teen misadventures that show would feature! Oh, the crazy misunderstandings! Oh, the fodder for our reality TV driven culture! How has no one thought of this before?

So, when you see it advertised on E! or MTV, remember--you read it here first. Maybe my freaky little toes have are indicative of a good idea gene or something.


  1. Amy, you are too funny! I got a pedicure today too. There are now 30 matching McBride toes walking around the South. Ahhh... What a blessing for you to be in Atlanta with Becky. Enjoy this time together! Love to all.

  2. I cannot believe that the major networks are not lined up at your door to hire you for the fall season. Because your ideas are cutting edge and let's face it, we are all fascinated by the likes of Bristol Palin and Jamie Lynn. I see a new career ahead for you should the ministry thing not work out. Or as Sarah would say," How's that ministry-religion thingie working out for you?"

  3. I can't wait for the Jamie and Bristol show. What a match up! I know Becky is enjoying your visit to Atlanta, and all your Target visits. I love the toes! John bought me a pedicure-manicure certificate for my b'day. I'm looking forward to using it. We send all of love, and continued prayers.

  4. I swear, before I even scrolled down, I knew which toes were yours and which toes were Becky's. I must confess. I have gimpy, black-eyed pea little toes. Blame them on your Aunt Marie.

  5. Never fear Amy, my husband has some seriously jacked up pinky toes, they look like they have lift kits on them. He blames them on wearing shoes that were too small for him during puberty (but seriously do you have any idea how hard it is to find size 16 shoes?!?) and I have jacked up monkey toes that are really long. And handy - I got laughed at today for moving an empty bleach jug with my toes. I can't help it, they are like fingers on my feet.

    I can so see at the very least Dr. Drew bringing Jamie and Bristol on 16 and Pregnant the reunion episode. That show makes me sad.

  6. I may have mentioned before that my pinky toes look like turtle legs, so no big whoop, Miss Gimpy Toes. :)

    Oh, that Jamie Lynn Spears. Have you ever seen that Disney show she was the 'star' of? Like a train wreck. She was possibly the single worst actress I've ever seen. Just really, really unpleasant. So, ya, I guess I'd have to catch your reality show, wouldn't I?

  7. Glad you are having fun with your sister:)
    Hope she is doing well....been praying for her over here and look forward to hearing more when you come back....
    btw, I posted a pic of your kids with Rebekah on my blog, hope that was ok?:) (sorry should have asked before and not after!)