Saturday, May 15, 2010

What Not To Watch While on the Treadmill

Artistic representation only

Please, glean from my experience and avoid these types of TV shows...

1. An ankle being dislocated. (YIKES, you guys. In fact, try to avoid watching this in general. I will say again, YIKES.)

2. A detailed demonstration of how to de-bone a duck. (Though it was informative.)

3. An Enya music video (Remember--the idea is to keep your heart rate accelerated.)

4. Your own feet. Yes, that isn't a TV show, but it makes me dizzy. But maybe that's a personal problem.

5. Infomercials for other exercise equipment. Cause then you start to wonder why you aren't having as much fun as they seem to be having. Plus, the whole idea of watching TV while running is to distract yourself from the fact that you are running. Sheesh!

That's what I got. Any other no-go's?


  1. Anything with sub titles...makes me so dizzy!

  2. On American television, "The View." When Joy Behar opens her mouth the whole world gets stupider.

  3. Anything that's filmed in the dark is not good. Biggest Loser is good except for all the emotions/feelings parts.

  4. Anything that requires following a complicated plot. I've turned off a few movies because I realized I had no idea what was happening or what people were saying. Oxygen debt makes me stupid.

    Actually I prefer to watch sports...seeing people working harder than I am helps me keep going.

  5. When I have been on a treadmill or Nordic Track, I always have to zone out and not think of my feet doing what they are doing. Mostly cause I have trouble doing two things at once. But, maybe a mindless game show would be the way to go. You are really doing great on that exercise thing.

  6. I don't think I'd do well with tv at all. Even music sometimes screws me up, I think mostly bc I want to sing along....
    Our elliptical is in the cellar, about 8 feet from a crumbly stone wall. I stare at the wall finding shapes and pictures. I found Jesus' face! Corny but true. Think I could sell it on ebay? :)
    But mostly I just like that exercising time for the fact that my brain can totally check out. A little weird that way maybe!

  7. Avoid the kid shows. You know the fence is purple but you will yell out to the tv "Purple!" then wonder why you are watching kid shows, then wonder further why you are talking to yourself and end up watching crap like 16 and pregnant, the show that gives me the itchy slap someone hand. I know if I talked to my parents or took advantage of them the way those girls do I would be sitting on the portch with everything I owned. Arugh.
    Also if it can be avoided don't try to think about breathing. Somehow it reminds me how painful the total lack of oxygen is.

    Also I agree with Friar.