Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Where was I?

Here I am! Hey, y'all. I've been here in Atlanta for five days now, at Becky's house with the fam. Becky had her first chemo infusion last Wednesday (the day I arrived), and we spent the next couple of days running errands, hanging out around the house and kind of waiting to see if the nausea would hit. And thankfully, so far, it hasn't. This is such a blessing--and one that we aren't taking for granted.

Thursday, with Becky full of energy (!) from the steroids they gave her to tolerate the chemo drugs, we ventured out to the Mall of Georgia. Wig shopping was on the agenda. And perhaps a trip to Pottery Barn. This is a huge mall and after wandering around looking for the wig shop, I called the store's phone number listed on the brochure we had. "We're having a hard time finding you," I told the nice lady who answered the phone. "Oh, honey, we're actually right across the street from the mall," she told me in that Southern drawl that I miss so much. "If you're in the Dillard's parking lot just look for the big picture of Raquel Welch in our window. You can't miss it."

And indeed, she was right. We could not miss it. No one has ever given me directions using Raquel Welch as a landmark, but I must say it was quite helpful. The wig shop ladies were lovely and compassionate and helpful in some very practical ways.

Friday afternoon, we took the kids to Chuck E. Cheese's. For my Aussie buds, Chuck E. Cheese's is a pizza place/indoor arcade/play area/place where a giant mouse wanders around. It is kid-heaven. Hank had been begging to go, and since Becky was feeling good we all went. It was a good barometer of health, I think. If rubbery cheese pizza combined with screaming 6 year olds and a dancing mouse don't make you upchuck, then you must be in pretty good shape. Heck, I was feeling a little queasy myself!

Friday evening, we decided to head up to the mountain house. So, with Becky properly doped up in the passenger seat of the minivan and Mom and Dad leading the charge, off we went. It was a very chilled out weekend. Becky's arm was very sore from the surgery, and we still were taking it easy with the whole potential-nausea thing. But Mom and I did manage to venture into town for a little shopping. And here we saw something that, to me, is quintessentially Southern. In fact, I can't think of three words that better describe the American South:

Love it. I can't report on the deep fried pickles or oreos, I am sorry to say. But I stood there for awhile in admiration of the purveyor's creativity. Dare to dream, you guys!

Back in Sydney, Jason is holding down the fort with his usual unruffled capability. And his mom arrived today to ride herd on the kids, so he'll be able to get back to work. However, as we speak, my Natey is laying on the couch with a stomach bug. I'm sure he got sick because his mother has left him. All things are mom's fault, right? Sorry, big man. Hope you feel better soon! Maybe I'll bring you back a deep fried Twinkie. That might help.

Back again soon! I am so, so thankful to be here. Becky is doing well, I am trying to help out as much as possible, and there have been two trips to Target. And counting. That is all for now. xoxo


  1. The big picture of Raquel Welch was like a guiding beacon to a harbor of compassion and hair know-how. Awesome!

    I am so thankful you are here with me even if I have yet to see the first fried Oreo out of the deal.

  2. I can't vouch for deep fried oreos, but deep fried pickles have changed my life almost as much as Jesus. Had I known about this little treat, I would have worked extra hard to make the trip to the mountains! ;)

    So glad to hear that things are going well-ish. And that photo of you and Laura on Becky's blog was amazing. You are more beautiful with every photo I see, and you've always been a looker, so I'd like to know your secret. Now.

  3. Meg--I can see the appeal of fried pickles. :) And had I known it would draw you to the mountains, I woulda bought 'em out!

    And you are a doll, my dear, but I must confess that Becky did a little "skin smoothing" with photoshop on that pic! I swear I didn't ask her to, but I certainly didn't protest when she did. I like to think that I only needed it cause of the harsh outdoor lighting...

  4. What an incredible blessing that you have been able to be with Becky. I talked to your mom today and she said that all is going well. I hope and pray that it continues. Did yall find a hottie wig for Beck?? She is so gorgeous that she oculd wear a brown paper sack on top of her head and still be beautiful. You Odom gals are stunning.

  5. Great post love. Missing you heaps! So glad you get this time with your sis.

  6. aww isn't it sweet Jase calling you "love".
    Here in oz, it's only the "oldies" that do that, but don't tell Jason I said that:)
    We miss you here but I'm so glad you got to go be with Becky.
    I'm sure you are a great support to her and your family at this time!
    and thanks for educating me on some Southern American stuff! Deep Fried Goodness sure beats the "Fat Burger" shop I saw in LA once!

  7. Hey you! I've been hanging out to hear how you're going. It sounds good - great that Becky's treatment is going well so far, and it's wonderful that you can be there with you family.

    Lots of love to you and your whole family from all of us here!!! xoxoxo

  8. Glad to know Becky is doing wellish. What a blessing for you two to be together right now.

    Um, could you please, by next post, find her some HEALTHY food to eat? I love the Southern charm as much as anyone (okay, no, I probably don't) but perhaps some collard greens could provide some balance.

    Thiking of the whole Odom clan.

  9. I so wish that I could be there to just sit back and watch you two!
    It is always entertaining!
    So thankful you are together! Love you both so much!!XOXO

  10. SO glad you are able to be there with Becky. All of our best to a speedy and successful treatment and recovery.

  11. Two things:

    1. The sisterly devotion between you and Becky is inspiring. I pray everyday for this kind of inter-continental love for my two daughters.

    2. Must have sticky chicken recipe. Please post!

  12. You are such a wonderful sister. I want to just squeeze you! :) (sorry, just somethin' we say 'round here. It's a good thing.)

    Is Chuck E. holding a can of black beans?

    When I saw that Deep Fried Goodness sign I said to myself "shut the h@ll up!" because we use that to describe all good things fried. Which is redundant: deep-fried and good. Deep fried pickles *are* good. Never tried a twinkie or a snickers, tho'.

    I vote for the sticky chicken recipe post, too!

  13. Deep Fried Goodness indeed. You know, that would be an excellent blog name! Or maybe a Southern rock band.

    SO glad you're there with Becky. I'm sure you made wig shopping fun as hell.

  14. I just want to say how much I would LOVE to have been a fly flying along beside you two on your excursions. I just imagine these waves of wonderful emanating from you in a big Deep Fried Goodness kind of force field...