Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I accidentally made a big boy.

Yesterday I took Nate to get a haircut. He loves to get his haircut and was begging me to take him all through lunch. We whipped in there and I plopped him down in the big chair.

I don't want it very short, I told the young miss who would do the job. I like it longish, I just want a little length taken off and his bangs trimmed so he can see. (However, instead of "bangs" I said "fringe". Because I am culturally relevant.)

I said all that and then stood back. She started cutting, I was busy doing a few other things (cough, texting, cough) and then she was done. And Nate's hair was not very "longish" anymore.

Gone are the little curls at the back of his neck. Gone is the classic Nate shagginess. And in its place is a big boy haircut. What happened?

I fell asleep at the switch is what happened. Nate loves it, though. He grinned and strutted through the grocery store when we were finished. But I was a bit sad. He seems like such an older boy all of a sudden. (Until he shakes his bare bottom in my face--then I remember that he is indeed still a little boy.) And I have become the cliche of a mom who mourns every haircut and too-small shoe. Given Becky's recent hair dramas, I am keeping it in perspective. I know this is indeed No Big Deal. I know that It Grows Back. But I miss that little dude haircut.

I am totally letting it grow back.


  1. I love how he is so happy about it, like he got away with something while Mom was busy. It is amazing how a shorter cut brings out the bone structure. That boy? omg, gorgeous.

  2. What a handsome boy!!! I know how you feel but he sure is a doll.

  3. You can't stop the big boy handsomeness!

    I totally agree, too. Those haircuts can make such a difference, can't they? It's like, who is this big kid and where did my baby go?

    Wait til he has a teenage mustache and his voice changes.
    See! Could be much weirder!

  4. He looks like a model!I do know what you mean about the haircut. Braden's parents cut his very short and I got a little teary!

  5. Oh, he's so handsome and...fringy. I'll never forget Jude's first big boy haircut. It's amazing how much it changes the way they look. I'm suspect that he knows how fabulous he looks.

  6. Okay, please do not let him get a mustache.

    And he DOES look so gorgeous and dreamboaty. And just like Jason! I can't believe it, he looks two years older. It's making me sniffly.

    Grow the hair back please!!!

  7. oh I can relate!
    the first thing I thought of when I saw his picture was "Jason"! well, I am not calling Jason a "thing" but you know what I mean:) He looks so much older and so much more like Jason now!
    still very cute in my opinion though:)

  8. Where did the little surfer guy go??? But that face... love it! Nate is a handsome boy no matter what the haircut. But won't you glad when it grows back a bit?

  9. Nate looks vaguely European in this haircut. Or is that just me?

  10. Moms who mourn the hair and the little shoe are not cliches. They are deeply tremendous and loving Moms (I tried to make that sound weird so it wouldn't be a cliche). But here's the true cliche: Just wait until he's a teenager, and he won't cut his hair for anything. Example: my son, the mophead.