Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I admit nothing.

(It hurts to be misunderstood, doesn't it?)

Me: Aren't you glad I'm home? I feel like I need to sense some more gladness right now.

Jason: I'm definitely glad! ...It's just that you've been a bit bossy lately.

Me: (Agog.)

Jason: (Smirking.)

Me: Bossy? Excuse me? I have not been bossy! I have just been resuming my role--hello! Bossy?

Jason: (Smirking, but smirkier this time.)

Me: Well hello, Pot! I'm Kettle! You are like the bossiest person EVER. Ask anybody. I am not.

Jason: Oh, no. I'm not bossy. I always say "Please" and "Thank you".

Me: (Sputtering.)

Me: What do you-- But I always-- Never mind. (Big sigh)

Jason: (Mentally high fiving self)

Post edit: Jason would like me to tell you that, in order for me to write this post, he had to go get the cord for the laptop from the other room. I maintain that I asked very nicely and that he was the one who ran down the battery in the first place.


  1. This is hilarious. Darn him for running down the battery! (You sound like dad, fussing at mom for using up his iphone battery.)

    And maybe you are having some reentry pains--you got used to bossing me around for two weeks. Maybe. :)

    I want more scenes between you and Jason!

  2. Being called "bossy" might have been preferable to the description I got labeled with last night. For no good reason, I might add! ;)

    It *is* hard being misunderstood!

  3. You are both natural-born, confident leaders and I love you both. However,this is still a very funny post! XOXO

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  5. Who's bossy? You bossy? Naaah. You just like to be charge and keep things organized. Maybe that's your gift.