Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Today in not so few words

1. Today was Australia Day. It's a public holiday.
I say: "Aussie Aussie Aussie!" You say: "Oi Oi Oi!" (But if you say the first part, do not say "aussie" with an "s" sound, please. It's "Auzzie", guys.)

2. Off to the beach we go, at 8:30am. We went here:
It's called Chinaman's Beach. Don't really know why.

3. Lament to Jason about the fact that when we go to the beach, we must bring one half of our house with us. Witness:
Life Jackets
Boogie Board
Sand Toys
3 different changes of clothes
5-6 towels
Extra Drinks
Drinks for Jason (The man has high "Pepsi Max" requirements)
Baby Bjorn
Grace's teddy bear
Beach tent
3 children

4. People laugh at us as we stagger by laden with aforementioned half of house.

5. As the morning passes, hundreds of people arrive, festooned with Aussie flag tattoos, flag banners, radios, portable bbq's, and, one enterprising person: an inflatable kiddie pool filled with ice and beer.

6. Perhaps the highlight of everyone's day: I premiere my new swimsuit. I actually get in the water, which in Australia is rare for me. I usually find the Pacific way too cold. Today? It's perfect.

7. Due to #6, I spend the next hour noticing places I have not adequately shaved.

8. The kids swim, play, and shovel sand to their heart's content.

9. 3pm: We head home, pink from the sun (oops), sandy, and tired.

10. 5pm: Due to our new fitness regimen (I am doing air quotes around fitness here), Jason and I load up the kids and go to the nearby athletic fields to walk and let the kids kick the ball around a bit.

11. I attempt to jump rope. It has been approximately 15 years since I have jumped rope.

12. There is some jiggling. Note to self: Ace Bandage entire body before doing this again.

13. I jump 50 times. My face is now very red.

14. Then I die. In my will, I leave the jump rope to Ava, my West Wing dvd's to Jason, and my new Gap Long and Lean Jeans to Becky.

15. Dinner and Bedtime. Ava is swaying slightly and feels a little sick. I realize that she hasn't had much water lately.

16. Accept "Mother of the Year" award for dehydrating oldest child. Rethink wisdom of playing at athletic fields after a day at the beach.

17. Jason goes to see Avatar. I position myself in front of fan.

That about covers it. Oi Oi Oi!


  1. Sounds like a good time was had by all(except for poor Ava. I hope she is well) I laughed out loud about the shaving and ace bandaging your entire body. Great post!!!

  2. Sounds like such a fun day, Ameh!

  3. Yeah! Australia Day ! Sounds like a very fun day-despite your shaving shortfall and having to carry so much stuff. I am very impressed that you guys then went to workout. That's a lot of activity in one day. But then again, you two have the strength of ten because your hearts are pure. The beach looks great!

  4. Okay, I need many more details and photographs of this day. Were there fireworks at the beach? And was your swimsuit the one I saw in North Carolina? And why did you go so early, to get a good spot? Sounds like two days crammed into one.

    Thanks for the jeans, but um, since you're still alive, do I get them or not???

  5. I am pretty sure that, in other lives, Jason led Marco Polo to China, wagon trains to California, and hoards of Englismen in search of Yeti.

  6. You MUST get one of these:


    A Wonder Wheeler! You can load it will all your beach junk and it will roll right over the sand without sinking!

  7. You guys are hardcore. Nomadic trip to the beach at 8:30am? Jumping rope in the same day?

    I can't imagine my group ever lasting that long. There would have been such crabbing and complaining! None of this stoic dehydration enduring stuff. ;)

    Becky's right: where's the pic of the Aussie (redneck?) swimming pool cooler? And the swimsuit and stuff?

    Boy, was I with you on the shaving shortcomings and ace bandage wrapping. Sometimes I think I need that ace bandage wrappage under my jeans, just for everyday.

    Oi, oi, oi!

  8. Ava recovered nicely after a glass of water and a cool washcloth. I have found that for whatever ails her, a cool washcloth does the trick. I think it makes her feel cared for. :)

    And pictures...well, I am ashamed to say that I didn't take any. Ouch! And Beck, no fireworks at our beach, but there were at other places. We went so early to beat the crowds, by the time we left in the afternoon cars were double parked everywhere!

    And really, with kids that are all up early, you might as well head out first thing. Otherwise, all morning you hear, "Are we going yet? When are we leaving?"

    Gretchen, you very well may have changed my life. Right now, I carry the baby and we pile as much stuff on the stroller as we can--this is not a perfect system as you can imagine!

  9. Yeah, that is hardcore! Lots of hot activities. I bet you were wishing for that iced beer pool at the end.

    BTW, what did Jason think of Avatar?

  10. This is one of my top three favorite posts. You kill me.