Saturday, January 16, 2010


We made it! After a relatively painless, though exhausting, flight over the Pacific we arrived in Sydney this morning. Except it didn't really feel like morning--if you're familiar with that jet laggy "this day will never be over" kind of feeling! We all took a nap this afternoon and when it was time to wake the kids, it was like trying to wake the dead. They were down for the night at 4pm! It goes against my nature to wake a soundly sleeping child, but I'm telling ya, it had to be done. Only promises of the park and McDonald's would lure them from their beds. And even then, Nate asked if we were going to go have breakfast! We are going to have to reset their little hard drives over the next couple days.

It's nice to be back in summer clothes and hear the kookaburras in the bush across the street. I was thinking: one week ago today, we were sledding in the mountains and this afternoon Jason and the kids went swimming. Craziness! We had such a fantastic time in the States, and it is always hard to leave our family. Part of what makes it painful is knowing that it's hard for them, too. Know what I mean? I always get a little down when we return home--I love our lives here, but it is hard sometimes to be so far away from family and good salsa. Becky wrote about the kind of post-family fun malaise she's feeling, and hit the nail on the head! It's the way I always feel too, though it takes a couple days to set in, once we've settled back at home.

It's just after 8pm here now, and the children are all nestled snug in their beds. I am right behind them! Fingers crossed that Grace doesn't decide that 2am is a good time for a party. Would you pray for us, if you're the praying type? And if you're not, pray for us anyway--it won't hurt, and it'll make me feel better!

Back soon with more...have a great day! Or night. Or whatever it is where you are.


  1. Welcome back babe! I'm glad you're all safe and sound and that you had such a wonderful time with your family - It's understandable that you're missing them. Will be around to cheer you up! Rest up if you can :D *hugs*

  2. welcome home, I completely understand that little emptiness of leaving family, especially when you're in a different time zone, different season, watching different tv shows... but I read both accounts and it sounds like you had a wonderful trip and have a wonderful family

  3. It is especially tough when we think about how much Gracie will change in the months ahead. Thank God for Skype! We loved so much, having all of our children, their spouses, and our grandchildren under one roof. I am acutely aware that it will happen less and less often as time passes. Never forget...these are the good old days.

  4. I was just about to try to figure out what time it is there so I could check to see that y'all got home okay, but you blogged! We miss you!

  5. I love the picture you painted of pulling the kids out of bed :). Made even my muscles feel heavy.

    Your sister's post was so good. There's nothing like family. I'm glad that you guys had such special moments.

  6. Glad you're all safe, snug and sound!