Sunday, January 31, 2010

Getting Schooled

Last Thursday was the first day of school for Ava and Nate. Ava is starting Year 1 and Nate is going to preschool two days a week this year. It's funny that most of our summer vacation was spent in the northern winter, but we did get a bit of a summer break in over the last couple of weeks. And now, we're back at it! After much hustle bustle, they were ready to go!

I must admit, they are pretty cute. Look at Nate! Don't you just wanna put those cheeks in a tortilla and gobble them up?

Going through these pictures, I realized I have a picture of them in the same pose and in the same clothes from a year ago!

Ava was off to her first day of kindergarten and Nate to his very first day of preschool. The clothes haven't changed, but they have! Those cheeks-even more cheekier! I think I'll go cry my eyes out now.

Back to the present. Ava was really excited to see her friends again, and it seems like she's eased right back into the routine. A year ago, I wasn't sure about this whole uniform thing--I wondered if it would get boring and I thought, "Where will she wear all her cute clothes?" Ha! I love it now. It's so much easier and straightforward. Once last year, she asked me what my school uniform looked like, and I told her that we didn't have them where I went to school. She felt sorry for me that I didn't "get to" wear one. Anyway, she will get assigned to her new class this week--they spend the first couple days with their old classes while the school sorts out new enrollments. So hopefully it will all go smoothly! And I will have to get back into the routine myself--she's been late the first two days! Supermom? Yes, over here! That's me.

Anyway, we celebrated that afternoon with back-to-school cupcakes. Baked by me? Ahem, no. Freshly baked by the local pastry shop. Supermom? Here I am!

I say, any day that ends in an inch of frosting is a good day.

P.S. Not to leave Grace out, here's what's been on her to do list this week:
Getting immunized
Wanting to be held
Having a stuffy nose
Putting her feet in her mouth
Crying to be picked up whenever she sees me walk by
Laughing at Nate
Eating (I am using air quotes here) a banana.

Not being totally sold on the banana

And that, along with me causing grief and injury to my husband, brings you up to speed on life around here.


  1. Hi Amy,
    Cute photos!
    My son wants to know if your kids have accents. Good question--I would think not cuz you guys don't.

  2. Hey Michele! That is a good question. So far, they sound pretty American, though with Ava I can hear an difference in her inflection at times--how her sentences go "up" at the end, if that makes sense. This will be her second year at school, though, so I wouldn't be surprised if more of an accent develops. I have noticed that if she learns a word at school, she'll say it with an accent! (Like "pattern" without the "r" sound, etc.) :)

  3. Adorable pics! Man, how time flies. And I haven't noticed that they have an accent, but that they do use Aussie words for things. What was the example I was thinking of? Maybe it's that Nate says "bin" for trashcan?

  4. CUTE! Is that darling little "Aussie" hat part of her uniform? I too, love the uniform thing. SO much easier. No arguing. No thinking. And...cute.

  5. My hubby still doesn't "get" the whole uniform deal, but I LOVE it. So much easier than having to figure out what they're going to wear every day and making sure the matching stuff is clean.

    Although, we just moved them to a smaller, Christian based, school and I had to buy all new very expensive uniform so the novelty is gone at the moment.

    Glad they've settled in well! My two go back to school tomorrow .. year 1 and year 3. I. Can't. Wait.

    I like Michele's question about the accents. Ashlee (my 7 yr old) is starting to sound a bit more kiwi...not as Canadian..isn't it interesting to hear?

  6. Gotta agree with Maggie..they are absolutely adorable. Hey, I'm sure they don't care who made the cupcakes..I mean they got cupcakes with an inch of icing. Your nomination for supermom holds!

  7. Great shots! You'll have to do one every year now so we can see how they've grown each year:)
    As for Rebekah she says she never wants to go to school and wants to be homeschooled forever:) Let's see how we go on that one...:)
    uh yes the inflection of Aussie's at the end of a sentence- to me that seems to stem from a bit of insecurity (hope I don't get hit over the head for saying that by any Aussies reading this!) I love Aussies and have the Aussie accent but hope I've never caught the inflection! My insecurities lie elsewhere:)

  8. You ARE a supermom!! (uh, I mean mum)

    Ava and Nate look sooo sweet! And I like Grace's list. She's a busy girl! :)

  9. I particularly liked the year-apart pictures of the embrace. I was reminded of how much they love each other.

  10. All three kids are little cupcakes ! I love those happy, expectant faces of Ava and Nate. On their way to school. How sweet! Gracie looks a little dubious about the banana,though. Maybe a dollop of peanut butter on top? Better yet, give HER a cupcake. Sure do miss those three.

  11. How I love Ava's hat and uniform! And the pictures from one year to the next. I think I might enjoy uniforms for school. Though they wear the same darn thing all the time anyway, so we're practically there. We laugh at Sam's school pictures because he has been wearing the same colored ring neck t-shirt (just a bigger size) in every one. And without even trying!

    Yay for Grace finding that her foot is a handy chew toy! That made me say Awww!