Sunday, January 24, 2010

There are no further incidents to report.

Of the rodentary nature, that is. (I'm just gonna call that a word, ok?)In my hysterical ramblings, though, I may have overdone it. I was just emoting, y'all! But the other day I was telling a friend (who also reads this blog) how freaked out I was and she was all, "Yeah--you made that pretty clear!" I feel I may have given Australia a bad name. Sorry about that, Australia. You're pretty awesome. In spite of your rats, deadly spiders, and soul-crushing summer heat. We're still friends!

So I'll move on to other topics for now. But know that I am still vigilant! And that the fight goes on.

School starts back this week and Ava will begin Year 1. I can't believe that I have a first grader on my hands! Nate will go to preschool two days a week now, so that means that Thursdays and Fridays, Gracie and I will be flying solo. This week, I need to make sure Ava's school uniform still fits her and that she has everything she needs.

Speaking of uniforms (or clothing), I spent my time this week (when I wasn't standing on chairs in fear of rats) cleaning out the kids' closets to make way for the Christmas/America avalanche of clothing. In Ava's drawers, I found a pair of Mossimo capri jeans that she'd never worn. The tags were still on them. She is not big on jeans, and just never really wanted to wear them. I noticed that the tag described them as "Mid-Rise". This disturbs me. Does this imply that Mossimo is making "Low-Rise" jeans for 6 year olds? Of course, I don't know if they are. But if they're not, why differentiate, know what I mean?

Anyway, in a world of differing opinions and political hot button issues, I feel certain that we can all agree that this is a bad idea. In fact, low rise jeans are currently a bad idea for me, too. In my day-to-day life, I am forever sitting on the floor and bending over and if I wore low rise? Let's just get real: no one needs to see that.

It's Sunday night, which as I've told you, means that Jason and I are brain-fried. So I'm off to put kids to bed and watch a few pointless dvd's. Have a great day, wherever you are!

--Update: During bedtime stories, Nate informed me that Jesus has "lemon powers". I guess this means he disinfects? Or adds a certain zestiness to seafood or iced tea? Who knew? The things you learn from 4 year olds.


  1. Perhaps you missed this line of scripture:

    "And behold! The apples turneth not brown, yeah verily, even though they be sliced and open to the air."

  2. Ha ha! Yes, I believe that is in Zebekiah 3:12, in the section on garnishes. He is so funny!

    Glad to hear there has been no more rodent infiltration.

    And oh yes they do make jeans in different rises for little girls. So that's happening.

  3. Oh that Nate ! He is so cute and funny! I sure do miss him. And, that line about Ava going into first grade, that just cannot be true!

  4. Do a Google search for "Jesus lemon powers." =)

  5. Lemon powers... now that's awesome. Recently in the car Ocean asked me if we could "listen to the Spiderman-- I mean JESUS-- song." That Jesus and his super powers.

  6. David--Jason actually did google it, and there's more than you might think! But I am proud to say that this here blog was the third hit!

  7. Good News! Your blog is now number 1 under the google search Jesus Lemon Powers! So, you've arrived.

    Low Rise for girls. I guess that's why they have to make hipster panties for girls? GR!