Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sensible is the New Black

Hey all! Well, Jason and I have stayed up too late watching online episodes of The Daily Show and Colbert Report. I tell ya, nothing will bring a married couple together like those two shows. So I gotta go to bed before I turn into a pumpkin. Actually, I am looking more and more like a pumpkin everyday, but that's another story.

What I wanted to tell you was that Ava came home from kindergarten yesterday as the proud bearer of a Merit Certificate from her teacher. That's all it said--Merit Certificate. She was just pleased as could be with herself. I, of course, made much of her achievement and then asked, "What did you get the certificate for?" "For being sensible," she answered.

I don't even think she knows what sensible means, but it is apparently worthy of the Merit Certificate that now adorns our fridge. I think "sensible" is the new kindergarten buzzword, as I heard her teacher use it the other day with the class.

Works for me! I mean, I'm not sure that my behavior over the last couple days would qualify for a certification in sensibility. I do silly things like glower at bad drivers and leave anonymous notes. I had two big bowls of cookies n cream ice cream on Saturday. (Can't use pregnancy as an excuse for that, cause I totally woulda done it anyway!) I accidentally: (1) scraped our car pulling out of our own garage, (2)forgot to tell Jason about it, and (3)when he assumed someone had hit us and asked me about it in front of some friends I totally acted like I hadn't seen it before! I did 'fess up later, but that was definitely not sensible.

Well, at least someone in the family is. Even if it only means that she "doesn't run on hard surfaces" and "pushes her chair in". Those are things for a 5 year old to be proud of. Now, I must try to be sensible and go to sleep before I go downstairs and finish off that ice cream.


  1. Yay Ava! She can keep you guys in line. It reminds me of when Laura earned "pesos" in the classroom (during Mexican week) for being quiet.

    And the car-scraping thing is cracking me up. What did you say later? "Um hon, it was I who scraped the car?" I am sure Jason was awesome about it and had mercy on your pregnant brain!

  2. Since Ava is the only person I know with official certification of her sensibility, I'll use her words to encourage us all in these difficult and sometimes irrational times, "Get your nuts out!"...with good sense, that is.

  3. Ahhhh, how nice ! I never heard of a Sensible Certificate. But it makes a lot of sense. I guess it covers a multitude of good actions and good manners. Ava is such a sweet heart. I bet she could win a Merit Certificate every day !

  4. Beck--yes that is pretty much exactly what I said! :) But he understood why I didn't wanna get into it in front of other people. And of course he was a champ about it. Sadly, 'tis the 2nd time I've done something like this, but the first time was much worse. So maybe that made this time seem not so bad! ;)

  5. What could be cuter than a 5 year old saying she received a certificate 'for being sensible?' How very elegant!
    Congratulations to Ava!

  6. This is bright spot in my day :). Oh so cute. She's like "For being sensible. What else?"

    And I love you, openly confessing eating two bowls of ice cream & lying to your hubby (well, "white lying" to spare public embarrassment;).