Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Valentine's, Y'all

We had our VDay yesterday, but I wanted to post some online Valentine cards I made for our family. Sadly, they are the only Valentines anyone got from me! And worse, this post is a total copycat of my sister, Becky. But since I've spent my life wanting to be her...I mean, really--BE HER, it's only appropriate my blog should reflect that. Sigh...

Sorry. I was talking about Valentines. There's this great website on which you can upload photos and they make posters from them. Here's the ones I made...

Nate loves this photo. He spent about 15 minutes on my lap yesterday, talking to "Red Nate" on the computer. He was "Gold Nate". It was a fairly one-sided conversation, but he didn't seem to mind.

Remember the Shepherd Fairey poster of Obama? Now you can has one!
And here's two more, cause we're cute.

Yes, I made my own Valentine and called myself presh. It's good to love yourself, you know. And my sweet hubby gave me a real one, telling me all the ways in which I am gorgeous and wonderful. (Sha! Like I didn't already know!) So it was a good day.

Hope yours is, too! You are loved!


  1. those are great. thanks for sharing the website. happy valentine's day! it's hard for us to celebrate this day since we are always so broke with parties this month. you know why. oh well maybe one day when they are all married and gone. i'll keep you posted.

  2. Among the vast number of things I'm thankful for, is that you are uniquely you. Any one of the three of my children, alone, would have made my life enormously rich, but each is completely irreplaceable. I wouldn't want you to be anyone else.

  3. Fun, Amy!

    I stuck you in my link list; I'm awaiting one of my friends reading the title and asking me why I'm linking a female jail officer in Australia ;-)

  4. Oh please. You know it's I who wants to be YOU. Catfight! Mrreow!

    I love these Valentines of you guys. And good on Jase for telling you how awesome you are.

    True story: On the way up to the mountain house on Friday, I asked Matt, "Did you remember to pack my Valentine gift?"

    He said, "I'm always packing your gift."

    He is a smooth-talkin' charmer, that one.