Saturday, February 21, 2009

Gettin' My Preach On

(I find that a photo really warms up a blog posting. Don't you? Here I am, probably saying something that I'll slap myself in the forehead for later.)

(Don't tell Jason that I'm blogging right now.) I'm meant to be preparing my sermon for church tomorrow. Well, I am doing that, but I'm also blogging about preparing my sermon for church tomorrow. Anybody got a problem with that? Okay then.

It's pouring rain outside, I'm listening to Jack Johnson (I find he is really good for sermon prep), got all my notes with me, and the laptop humming warmly on my lap. Conditions are perfect. Time to get all spiritual and stuff.

I'm kidding about getting all spiritual. Everything is spiritual--you know that, right? Actually that's sorta what I'm talking about tomorrow. Everything matters to God and He wants to infuse every area of our lives. Tomorrow, I'll be talking about the power of covenant. That basically, the relationship that God offers us ought to radically re-landscape our lives. It ought to cause a seismic shift in the way we see ourselves, the way we speak to our spouse, the way we deal with a long line at the grocery store, the way we choose to react when someone cuts us off in traffic.

The knowledge of my relationship with God is what kept me yesterday from yelling an ugly name across the grocery store parking lot at some dude who nearly ran Nate and I over. (I did leave a note on his windshield, though, which I'll tell you all about tomorrow!)

Just like it should in a marriage, covenant with God brings security--knowledge that nothing, nothing, nothing we can say or do will remove God's love from our lives. But what did Spiderman say? With great power comes great responsibility. So this knowledge helps me to live differently, treat people better, and see myself in a new light.

But this is also what I'll say tomorrow: we need reminding of the power of God's agreement with us. Otherwise, we forget and live and think the same old way. That's why God tells us to remember: to tell our children, to talk about it and remind ourselves and each other all the time. The everyday-ness of life can make it all too easy to ignore or forget.

Shhh! Jason is coming--back to work for me! Well, there's your blog sermon for today. Blog-mon? Ser-blog? Whatever. Have a great day!


  1. It's been a l-o-n-g time since I saw a pregnant chick preach. Wish I could be there!

    Oh, and my word verification is "redbod". Hmmm, are you going to wear red tomorrow? Because I totally agree everything is spiritual. This might be a hint. Of some sort. :)

  2. And the congregation said, "Amen!"

  3. I want to be there too!! Come on Jody..let's go!! :)
    Do you guys do a live webstream? Can we listen online?? I gotta hear this one!! Love you much my friend.

  4. Thanks, girls--you are welcome anytime! You can even bring the 10 kids you collectively have! Jody--I'll have to give some serious thought to redbod. That is profound! ;)

  5. You're awesome Amy!! This is greatness, reminds me of my days at SMU when you and Jas were our fearless VCM leaders... right around the time you found out you were pregnant with Ava. Such exciting times for you all... spread my love to the others as well!! Love you!!

  6. Wow, Amy!
    You have a lucky congregation. :)