Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Two Truths and a Lie

Did you ever play this game? You stand up in front of a group of people and tell them three things about yourself--two things are true, and one that isn't. The group has to decide what's true and what is a lie. Let's play, from things that happened (or didn't!) in the past week:

1. With the kids home from school, things have slowed down a lot. I've been able to reorganize my pantry, wash all our windows, and answer a ton of emails. You guys, I've overcome my fear of going in the pantry now--it's so nice and clean! If you've been reading this for awhile, you know that's miraculous--after The Incident of the Rat in the Nighttime, I was severely traumatized. I think I've overcome, y'all!

2. Last Friday night, I went out to eat with some other moms from the school. We had our hair did, and our goin' out clothes on. As we sat in a large booth, chatting and laughing, a very inebriated, much younger dude came and sat with us. We ignored him. It seemed like the smartest thing to do. He sat there, hunched over, looked at each of us and then yelled, "Merrrrrrrrrrr!" Like it was meant to be a purr or something, but just didn't quite get there. We ignored him some more. Then he went away. Is there some secret language of drunk people that I am not wise to?

3. Last Wednesday, I took the kids to a community pool. While they were swimming, one of the other kids there decided to make a significant "deposit" in the pool. Then we left. Then Ava came down with strep throat. Is there a connection?

4. And one more bonus: This year our church had two Easter services. One was in our regular location, and one was in a local pub. We reckoned that Jesus turned water into wine, dontcha know, so He'd for sure hang out at a pub. I sang a Cyndi Lauper song, just for kicks. Jason bought a beer for a guy that came to visit. (Incidentally, when we lived in Dallas, I used to say that we should call our College Bible Study "Free Beer"--I thought more people might come. No one else seemed to think that was a good idea.)

Okay, guesses now, please! Which one isn't true? And let's see your two truths and a lie in the comments!


  1. I'm guessing that you did sing a Cindy Lauper song and that it was "Time after Time."

    I'm guessing that you HAVE NOT gotten all organized and washed all your windows!

    I totes believe the poop in the pool story. Ditto your drunken suitor.

    I have to think up my truths/lies.

  2. I'm with Becky, the kids being home from school does not seem like it would equal MORE time to get stuff done. :) Love this idea, I make my writing students do this exercise and I should totally make myself do it on my own blog!

  3. Well, I gotta say your cleaning. And organizing the pantry is a stretch. Mostly because that's the absolutely last thing I would do. The picture of Gracie is adorable !

  4. If the kids are home you haven't cleaned the pantry. ☺ Figure that's your lie for today.

    And my bonus tale: Son moved the freezer the other day & while it was outside being scrubbed my hubby spotted a red~bellied black using a hole in the floor to push an over large rat down it's throat. T or F?

  5. No way you are going into that pantry.

  6. Matt might have come and helped clean your pantry but I'm sure Sarah didn't and unless they were watching the kids for you I'm not sure you did either :) Love the updates though, can't believe Grace is so big already, has it been that long??

  7. I for sure think it's the pantry and getting over the whole rat issues...oraganizing when the kids are out of school..no way. That's when you are sooo busy. Great stories to select from Amy!