Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Easter Headgear

Last Friday was our last day of school for Term 1--now we have a nearly 3 week break. Friday morning was the annual Easter Hat Parade. Um...in case the title is ambiguous, the younger classes make Easter hats (assisted by older "buddies") and then parade around in them.

Here's Ava's "hat". She wanted to make a chicken mask this year. Because as you know, nothing says "He is Risen!" like poultry! When we went away to the Hunter Valley, the kids missed a couple days of school. Apparently, Ava's class was told while we were gone to bring their hat-making supplies in the following Monday. So that Monday morning, Ava's teacher texted me to let me know they'd be working on the hats later that day. (Which was really nice of her.) I raced to the mall and bought a mask and some feathers. And lo, a chicken mask was born. Or at least, something with eye-holes and feathers glued to it. She loved it. And for good measure, we stuck a chicken to a headband with a pipe cleaner.
Just for that little extra something. Oh yeah, I think it paid off. I think a wind-up chicken could be the new go-to accessory of the season. When in doubt: chicken headband. Remember that.

Nate and his buddy came up with this. I'm not really sure what to call it--an Easter helmet maybe? When he had it on, it covered his face, and there was a horizontal slit for his eyes.

I don't have any closeup photos of Nate's hat, cause let's be honest...it wasn't much to look at. A tube of posterboard with some stickers and chocolate eggs taped on it. But he was thrilled with it, and enjoyed marching around in front of the school. What I love about those pictures is how he's chatting to those older boys. That's his "buddy" sitting with him, and Nate just talked and laughed with those boys like they were the same age. I just love his confidence. Of course I'm biased, but he's such a charmer.

Now we're a few days into school holidays and no one is going crazy yet! So that's a good sign.


  1. Wow! I am loving Ava's mask! And Nate's head gear is stellar! I think it is so sweet to see Nate laughing and talking with his older buddy. That's a very good idea pairing them up. Three weeks off! My goodness, you all could come here for a nice visit. Huh? What are your plans? Miss you all.

  2. We just completed a two week Spring Break. Everyone is still alive, our sanity is still intact and all limbs are accounted for.

    Success, in my book.

  3. good on you! great work for such short notice! Nate's a cute-y! (so are all of your kids actually!)

  4. I'm appreciating the non-traditional choice of an Easter Mask as opposed to an Easter bonnet.

    And yes, the kid's a charmer.