Sunday, April 17, 2011

A view from the zoo

Our good friends Sarah and Matt have moved to Sydney and are staying with us until they find a place to live. Last Thursday afternoon, we all went to the zoo.

Sydney's Taronga Zoo is on prime real estate--across the harbour from the city and the Opera House, it has some incredible views.

We all had a great time wandering around, threatening to send Nate to live in the monkey house, and chasing Grace through the seal exhibit.

Highlights for the kids included: watching the elephants poop,

(One word about that: volume.) And also climbing on the statue of the baby giraffe. Mind you, the real giraffes were right there, but they didn't really get much attention.

Now as much as I enjoy watching elephants poop (volume!), my favorite thing at the zoo is the bird show. I'm not even all that into birds, but it's really impressive, and it's set right on the shore, overlooking the harbour. Right on cue, birds fly in from all over, swooping over the audience. It's fun, and really--there are some amazing birds in this country.
When we go to the zoo, the bird show is always on the must-do list. So, when you come to Sydney (of course you want to--duh!) call me and we'll go to the zoo. Okay?


  1. Now come on Amy, are you forgetting that the bird show also contains some very furry, almost rat like creatures scuttling across the back fence?! Surely that can't be your favourite bit?!

  2. That city is so beautiful! Did y'all go to the zoo while Matt and I were in Vanuatu?

    Kids adorb as usual.

  3. Oh my gosh Jules, I know!! I meant to mention that. When the guy talks about how great one of the birds is at controlling the rat population, 4 or 5 of them scurry along the fence behind him. Eek! I knew it was coming, so I looked down when they came out. :)

    Maybe we can get a wedge tailed eagle as a pet, since they're so good at catching rodents.

    Thx, Beck! We actually didn't make it to the zoo when y'all visited. I really wish we had!

  4. Wait a minute. Rats? Really? Yewwwww! That view of Sydney and the harbor is spectacular. You never get tired of it. Do you remember the bat show at Carlsbad Cavern? When five million bats came swooping out at dusk with all of us sitting beneath them? Mother Nature, gotta love her. I would like to go to the zoo. It looks like a lovely day.

  5. I always enjoy a trip to the zoo with the kid...she's fascinated by all the animals. Not all the live ones that are in the cages, but the stuffed ones, the cement ones, the picture ones and the people walking around in animal costumes.

  6. Yes Sydney has a great zoo doesn't it, I am yet to take Rebekah there though:( btw that photo of Grace with the jiraffe is so cute!

  7. oops "Giraffe" not jiraffe, lol!