Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Not my best work

The other day I decided that Grace's bangs needed to be cut. You know how you let something go for awhile, like you notice that something ought to be done and you ignore it, and you ignore it some more, and then finally you're like, "Right! We are doing this right now." I just decided to cut them, after noticing and not doing anything about it for weeks. That seems to be my life--long periods of avoidance or inactivity punctuated by industrious busy-making.

I scooped Grace up and put her in the high chair. Then I gave her a cookie. I didn't really stop to strategize--another problem of mine--I just grabbed her bangs as evenly as I could and cut 'em. Of course, the minute I grabbed her hair and pulled it away from her forehead, she turned her head, which made the hair uneven. Yeah well, I cut it anyway.

And in that moment discovered another way that I am like my mother. She is famous in our family for always cutting our bangs herself when we were kids, and always making them crooked. Ma, this one's for you!

Look at her--she's like, "Really? You thought this would work out, did you?" Here's another look from a picture I took today:After I did it I told Jason, "Oh no! She looks like Lloyd from Dumb and Dumber!"It's okay, you can say it. She totally does. And for the next 2-4 weeks, we will learn to accept it.


  1. OMG You are so McBride!! I still wake up in a cold sweat dreaming of the horrible bangs I was forced to wear as a child since your Grandmother also did home bang jobs on us. I also remember some of Debbie's hair jobs on yall.
    Between Becky cutting Hank's hair and you doing Grace's I think the family legacy is intact. Grace is so beautiful that even with uneven bangs she glows! Great post, doll.

  2. Thanks for giving Eric and me a LOL moment. Love it!

  3. lol, she's still cute as a button and NO she does NOT look like Lloyd from dumb and dumber!!!

  4. btw I didn't know what 'bangs' was until I met you:) I always call it a 'fringe' (in case you were wondering)

  5. Oh she is so cute. Is it naive of me to wonder if a little barrette would stay put?
    I once used clippers on the back of my youngest's head when he was 3 and totally cut way too much off in a row going up. Left it that way. He had no clue and just went about his business until it grew out.

  6. Ha, you are braver than me, girl. I Just leave them until they can't see anything and then finally take them to the hairdresser!

    She still looks beautiful, and as cute as always. :)

  7. Asymmetrical haircuts are HOT right now! Aren't you clever.

  8. It's like the got MORE crooked overnight. Good thing she's cute enough to pull it off. Maybe you could put a clip in it?

    I had the same experience with Miles' hair. I ignored it and ignored it and ignored it until one day I realized the kid looked like a homeless person and I cut his hair. I'm basically a professional now.

  9. Amy, as we've discussed about our own grooming pasts, it's a good thing she's a natural beauty!

    I have a technique for bangs that you might could use, I should vlog it. Vlog!


  10. Don't I wish I could put a clip in--at this point she's pulling them out! Most of the time I kind of just run my fingers through them so they aren't straight across her forehead--you know, all Lloyd-ish.

    Beck--yes, a vlog!

    And Rosemary--I know! I almost put fringe in parentheses to bridge the cultural divide. That's one word I haven't adopted for myself yet. :)

  11. I've witnessed John cut Scott's hair when he was young. I didn't have the heart to tell Scott what it really looked like in the back. I think the stifled giggle might have given me away. The clippers were retired for a while until Patrick decided to act as his own barber. It's hard to cut your own hair with clippers but he managed to do it throughout his college and young adult years. Some results were better than others. So it is definitely in the genes.

  12. Admittedly, most all of my craft projects are a response to impulse. Whenever I'm methodical about something it actually turns out nice. If only I could learn from this...

    And God help my children's hair.