Sunday, January 9, 2011

Many impressive talents

(In the car on the way to church this morning, Nate lets out an impressive belch...)

Nate: Burping is actually just my *fourth* talent.

Me: Really? Cause that was pretty good. What are your other three talents?

Nate: Well. My first is being a good little brother. My second is snapping--

Me: That's true--you picked that up pretty quickly.

Nate: --and my third is bothering my sisters.

Me: Wow, Nate. I can't argue with any of those! You really are talented at all four of those things.

Nate: I have a few other talents, too. But they're SECRET ones. I can't tell you.


  1. Cute! Do you think he is listing them in order of perceived importance? Skill? Time learned? Whatever it is, I like that being a good brother is #1.

  2. Snapping! That is an area I'm neglecting. It used to be a more important part of life.

    I love Nate's profound thoughts. He is like a little guru.

  3. I can't think of any brother who can surpass Nate in his combination of adoration and irritation regarding his sisters. But, in about ten years you will not want to do wrong by either of those girls, 'cause you will answer to Nate.

  4. Ah the burping. That's an important life skill. I witnessed the snapping while we were there, and it was impressive too. But I mostly love that he loves his sisters so much. I remember one day Nate and Ava were sitting on the couch together. Nate said to Ava,"Ava, you're my best friend." Hug him for me.

  5. I love how being a good brother and bothering his sisters are both in the top 3. You know, they do go hand in hand.