Tuesday, January 25, 2011

There and back again

Hi, friendly friends. We've just returned from a few days in the lovely beachside town of Wollongong. Or, The Gong, as the locals say--I was gonna say it but I felt too self conscious.

The little area we were in is actually called Fairy Meadow. How cute is that? No actual fairies were spotted, but still. It was a lovely, relaxing five days, with lots of swimming. I read a Robert Ludlum novel, which isn't my usual thing. I mean, I watched the Bourne movies cause Matt Damon is is them, duh! I don't normally read spy novels though.

It's called "The Sigma Protocol" and it's mostly about old Nazis. I think I could come up with lots of plausible sounding titles for spy books--they all sound the same. "The Delta Debacle." "The Byzantine Curse." "The Amsterdam Key." Ya know?

About halfway through this book (not a Bourne novel), I thought "Meh." I then read all 600+ pages cause I was on holiday and what else are you gonna do.

Now we are home, with one week to go before school starts. Lots to do! And also, I am having 3 couples over to dinner tonight and it is about 247 degrees in my house right now.

Send ice chips.

Thank you and good night. Xoxo


  1. lovely photos:) I didn't realise Ron was also invited tonight otherwise I would have come:) (might have to explain in person)

  2. and oh, hope you enjoyed the food the girls cooked, it sounded great! btw there is a cool change forecast for tomorrow evening, so hang in there!

  3. Ooh! I just thought of a Ludlum book about Alabama:

    The Opp Op

    We should write it. It's about a church youth group who discovers a terrorist sleeper cell.

  4. I was just going to ask the name of the spy author that you and Becky like so much. Remember Becky did her own little spoof on one of his books on her blog? Was that Ludlum? I want to borrow one of his books.

  5. From the library I mean. I don't expect you to ship one to me from AU. Unless you have them on your Kindle and then by all means, send away. Which do you recommend?

  6. Hi Rosemary! Yeah, it was co-ed. ;) You guys were much missed! We will do it again.

    Beck, that is a book we could totally write. And Opp is the perfect locale! (While at a lock-in at the church gym, the youth group receives a suspicious package with a powdery substance, instead of the 11pizzas they'd ordered. Travis and Makayla, the president and vice pres, decide to cancel the next day's laser tag game to investigate.) this could be our big break!!

    Jenni,the books we talked about before are Lee Child's books about Jack Reacher. Love!

  7. Travis and Makayla!!!

    Dad came up with another Alabama thriller:

    The Andalusia Delusion

    And Jenni, of the Child books, I say read The Enemy and then The Persuader is also good.

  8. Ha--that is great.How about The Selma Shibboleth? Dare I say it...this could be our niche!

    Jenni--yes! What Becky said.

  9. Sounds like the Hubbarts had a lovely beach getaway! The kids look adorable as usual. Gracie was into that digging in the sand thing, wasn't she? Kiss them all for me please. sure do miss you all.

  10. Church gyms have lock ins?! I obviously haven't lived!

  11. I don't care what y'all right about, just write it! And when you make your millions, send me a really nice thank you gift ;).

    Oh and it's supposed to be 29 here Monday (70 tomorrow, pfft Texas).