Friday, December 31, 2010

Busy doing nothing

It's been a lovely week. Seems that doing nothing takes up a lot of time.

We went to the beach yesterday morning. On the way there, I texted my parents, who are in the mountains: "It's December 30th--time to go to the beach!", knowing that it was far from beach weather where they are. Mom texted back that they'd had 10 inches of snow and no water for most of the day. Dad had to thaw out the pipe leading from the well with a hairdryer. I still don't really understand that, but you don't get a lot of details via text message, ya know?

After the hectic pace of the last few months, we have loved doing nothing this week. That nothing includes:

--eating Jason's homemade salsa and Mexican chicken (Yum. Seriously.)
--baking and eating strawberry pie
--going to the beach
--baking and eating cinnamon bread
--thinking about doing laundry
--baking and eating peach crumble
--not doing laundry
--chatting with friends
--watching Anchorman, which I got for Christmas. Truly hilarious movie. Will Ferrell is the gift that keeps on giving.
--and finally, showing Nate's new remote controlled dinosaur to our families on the webcam

Y'all. This remote controlled dinosaur is worth all the angst and heartache I suffered to get him. Santa came through, and thank goodness he did. It's nearly as big as Grace and roars, stomps, growls, belches, lights up, cranes its neck every which way--pretty much everything a 5 year old boy could hope for. And Santa got a pretty good deal on it, too. Woohoo!

In other Christmas news, I surprised Jase with a free 2 hour class at Sydney Trapeze School. No, I'm not kidding. Jason was a diver for many years, and as a result loves spinning through the air, taking death defying leaps, and other generally unwise things. I remember once when we were dating, we were walking through downtown Dallas. He looked up at one of the skyscrapers and mused to me, "Sometimes I wish I could jump off one of those and see how many flips I could do before I blacked out." He seemed surprised to learn that, no, I never wished the same thing. Swimmers and divers are a little nuts, in my experience.

So, I know it seems like a very random gift to give, but he's excited to go learn how to be a Flying Wallenda or whatever. And you can bet your sweet bippy that I will post photos when that day comes.

In the meantime, Happy New Year!! This year, we're going to some friends' house for a BBQ and pool party, and Ava and Nate are begging to stay up till midnight. Do you think it would be totally evil to let them think 10pm was midnight? We could do a countdown and everything: "Happy New Year! Now go to bed!!" As I told Jason, it would be midnight in New Zealand at that point. That's close enough, right?

Enjoy the weekend! I'll catch you on the other side.


  1. Yeah, I've thought about doing laundry too. And instead, eating baked stuff is much more satisfying don't cha think? ;)

    It was 72 here today. Crazy Texas weather.

  2. It has been a busy week there! Mama used to say that whatever you are doing on New Year's Day is what you would be doing all year. So, it seems like you'll have a busy 2011. Our latest blast of snow is going pretty fast. But all the kids had great fun sledding yesterday. The grown up kids too. They went all the way down Black Bear to the house below. No broken bones. Yeah! I looked at that beach scene and thought it is so pretty. I know the kids had a great day. I miss you all.

  3. Looks like a lovely, restful holiday! Glad Santa got that dinosaur; that looks like one happy little boy!

  4. Happy New Year!

    We watched Anchorman this Christmas season too. It's the new It's a Wonderful Life!

  5. Happy New Year!

    (Totally jealous of your beach day.)

  6. We love movies and Will Ferrell but I have only seen Anchorman once--sounds like I need to see it again. We love watching much 80's stuff with the kids (stuff that is a little older for yours now most likely) such as Uncle Buck, Great Outdoors (yikes there was much swearing), Planes, Trains, etc.
    Hubs loves Stanger Than Fiction with Will F.
    Wow-Nate looks so much older in that photo!!! Going to the beach and all that fruit pie sounds wonderful! Happy NY!

  7. This sounds excellent. And very much like my past week. Well, except for the beach. And the trapeze school. Which is so incredibly cool I can't stand it. Can I please be your extra sister? I'm serious. I've discussed this with Becky.

  8. Thanks everyone! Happy new year!

    Michele, I loved Uncle Buck! That scene where he talks the high school principal with the huge mole is hysterical.

    Gretchen, you are totally in as an adopted sister! All you need is to be willing to take your jeans off at a moment's notice so we can try them on. That and rearranging throw pillows is pretty much what we do when we are together.