Thursday, December 23, 2010

Sydney, December 23rd

Like I said, Christmas in summertime has its advantages.

(Ava and Nate relaxing on the driveway after washing the car.)

And after you get over not having hot chocolate to drink and fires in the fireplace, you can appreciate the laziness of a summer day combined with the fun and anticipation of Christmastime. It's different, you know? But a good kind of different. And you can in fact celebrate the birth of Jesus in hot weather. I've tried it--it's true.

The other night we took the kids to look at Christmas lights. We didn't go too far, just drove around our local neighborhood. And saw this, which was my favorite. Nothing says Christmas in Australia like this:

I had Jason pull over so I could hop out (Heh--hop!) and get a picture. As I stood in these people's grass, I heard a rustling in the flowerbed at my feet. It was dark and I am skittish. I jumped, much like a kangaroo actually, and ran back to the car. So like Australia to have a big lizard or whatever lying in wait as I try to enjoy my Christmas down under. I get it, okay Australia? You have critters! Lots of them! Thank you for the reminder!

Oh, and speaking of reptilian things, we managed to get Nate's dinosaur from the seller on eBay! Phew--Christmas is saved, everybody! Feel free to go about your business.


  1. That's a neat picture of your car washers. Yeah, it's a little hard to think of Christmas in summer. I'm kinda used to thinking of cold in December. I love the kangaroo! I haven't seen one of those in these parts.

  2. I wouldn't mind a little bit of that warmth.

  3. I'm sitting here in my velor pants and fleece robe. Yeah can't imagine wearing shorts and washing my car (it's supposed to be 29 degrees Sunday). But, glad you've celebrate Christmas with lemonade ;). I'll drink a hot chocolate for you (and a hot coffee for Jason;).

  4. My husband is a kiwi and we lived over there for 3 years before moving back to KY. I could never really get into Christmas in the summer, but I do really like New Year's Eve better in the summer. Its much easier to stay awake!