Saturday, December 4, 2010

Well, okay then.

Early this morning Nate, Grace and I were sitting around admiring the Christmas tree. (Actually, I was admiring. Grace was trying her best to smear her peanut butter toast on the couch and Nate was playing motorcycles.)

Nate started telling me that he didn't want any more baby siblings. "Why?" I asked. "It's a lot of work," he told me, frankly. "Yeah, it is," I said. "But if we had another baby, Grace would be older by then. She wouldn't be a baby anymore." Then he said, "I think there should just be three of us." I told him that would be fine, and that he was my favorite boy. "You're my baby, anyway," I said.

"I'm not a baby anymore," he said, leaning against me while Grace tried to shove his feet off the couch. "One day I'll grow up and move to another house." "Nope!" I said, "I'll handcuff you to the kitchen chair." He looked at me, his eyebrows raised. This was a possibility he hadn't considered. "Just kidding," I said. "You'll move away one day, but I'll come visit you a lot."

"No," he said, thinking it over. "I'll write on my phone and say, "Don't come visit me--I'll come visit you."

I think I just got dissed.


  1. No, not dissed! Little buddy is just looking forward to his independence. Healthy!

    I love that in this imagined future, he is texting you.

  2. I know! Jason and I were just talking about how the phrase "write on my phone" would've been totally nonsensical not too long ago. These modern times! Rockets! Lasers!

  3. really! Oh my goodness! Nate is so cute!
    btw while he was telling you he didn't want any more siblings Rebekah was telling me she'd like a little brother or sister:)

  4. No, not dissed. He's probably just mindful of the advanced age you'll be, then. He's afraid you'll break a hip.

  5. That's funny! He can't imagine being a grown up. I can just see Grace trying to push him from the couch. She's cheeky. Also, want a picture of your tree please.