Saturday, December 11, 2010

Dead Again. Until Popsicles.

We went to the park this morning. I love overhearing Ava and Nate playing together...everything they say sounds like a question.

"Ava--pretend we were poor? And we didn't have a house?"

"And all we had was this sandpit?"

"But we were happy? Cause we played?"

"Pretend we had to build a dam?"

"I'm 15 and you're 10. And our parents are dead."

One thing I've noticed. In all these pretend-play scenarios, Jason and I get rubbed out pretty quickly. They are always scrappy orphans with absent and/or dead parents. Seriously, every time.

"Pretend our dad is at work and our mom died."
"Our parents died when we were babies and we have a puppy."
"We went to look for our mom but she had to go on a trip?"

I guess that gets us out of the way, right? Parents are boring.

I think they're happy to resurrect us, though, when we offer popsicles.
(Don't worry. The latest research indicates that 18 month olds benefit from ginormous raspberry lemon popsicles. It's hydrating. Can't you see Grace radiate health and vitality?)

Despite our demise, it was a nice morning.


  1. When we were there, I heard them hastily dispose of parents as they started imaginative play. I think it broadens the possibilities if they aren't constrained by parental authority...and a puppy for parents is deal worth consideration.

  2. What funny, creative children! And that questioning inflection in their voices as they play, I remember that well from my own childhood and my children's playtimes. It is odd, isn't it? They are such sweet and loving kids! And Gracie looks like she was a little sweat ball until you gave her a Popsicle . Already hot, huh? Miss you all.

  3. Yes, I mean there's a reason that most fairy tales and adventure stories are about orphans. So your kids are actually steeped in formalist narrative theory without knowing it. So precocious.

    And Grace's face!!!!

  4. That wrinkle nose is way too much. Funny Ava and Nate =).

  5. I know! Joy always pretends we're dead too. Obviously we just get in the way. :D

    Grace is tooo cute!!