Sunday, September 26, 2010

Yeah I didn't go to my senior prom, either.

Last Friday, I got an email from The Wiggles.

What? You do know who The Wiggles are, right?
They're only, like, the biggest act in children's entertainment. Sold out shows around the globe. Packed arenas. The Wiggles are Aussie (duh!) and are based in Sydney. We've seen them play in smaller venues before and loved it.

Now, I know it's a thing for parents who are aspiring to maintain their pre-child identity to diss children's acts as uncool or whatever. But Reader, I will not. I love The Wiggles. (Um, did I just say "diss"? Do we still say that?) They are talented and genuine and you can tell that they really like what they do. And they're respectful of children. Plus, I enjoy a catchy tune. If their rendition of "Old Dan Tucker" doesn't make you tap your feet, you need to stop and evaluate your priorities in life. I will see your Yo Gabba Gabba "Don't Bite Your Friends" song and raise you The Wiggles' "Hot Potato".

No contest. Is all I'm saying.

They emailed me (well, me and a kajillion others) to say they'd be filming segments for their TV show that Wednesday and to respond to the email if we were interested in being a part of the studio audience. If we got a spot, the email said, one of their staffers would call us Monday or Tuesday to confirm. As their email had only come a few hours prior to my sending a reply, I thought for sure we'd get a spot in the audience.

I was so excited. I fired off a reply saying, yes please! We'd love to come! I realized later that the email asked for a few pieces of information that I didn't give--I'd been too eager to reply quickly and didn't read it closely enough. But I hoped that it wouldn't mess up our chances. I thought about sending another email, but then I thought that seemed pathetic. Like when you leave a message for the guy you like but you sound stupid, so you call back to correct it and leave another message that sounds even more desperate and pathetic? And then you wonder if you should call again? I'm speaking in hypotheticals here.

I decided to play it cool. Cause that's worked so well for me in the past.

I will allow my dorkiness to fully blossom as I tell you that I kept my phone on my person for the whole of those 48 hours. Every time it rang, I fully expected it to be a Wiggly staffperson. I kept thinking of how excited Ava and Nate would be. The anticipation of waiting for The Phone Call really brought back some memories.

(Cue violins. Softly, please.)

Alas, the Call. Never. Came.

I think it must've been some kind of mistake, don't you? I mean, if they could just meet me. If they could just get to know me, I'm sure they'd see. I'd make them see! Don't you think we would've been the Most Amazing Audience Members Ever? I'm sure they'd realize that I'm their Number One Fan. Right?

It's a bitter pill. But I am coping.


  1. so my laptop battery died and i'm using my mom's min dell, so when I saw that photo at the end, at first I was all, "OMG what on earth id she do to herself?" and then i realized that it was kathy bates from misery, and your beauty is likely still intact.

  2. I think I'm more sad for you than the kids ;). Maybe to comfort yourself, you could rent some videos and make buttery popcorn?

  3. Ha, Jenni! What, you don't like the new me? :)

    Her line, "I'm your number one fan!!!" just kept running through my head last week. But I'm totally not crazy or anything.

  4. It's their loss, anyway it would be hard to break four pairs of ankles.

  5. I've been thinking of blogging about the wiggles too and how much "I" love them:) too bad they didn't call you about the show - wish I knew about it, I think I deleted a whole bunch of emails from them among others recently:(

  6. LOVE the Wiggles! Although I must say, when we lost Greg, I was very, very sad. I will (reluctantly) admit I had a bit of a crush on Greg. We've seen them two times in LA-- once with Greg, once without. :-) I will recommend to you another kids' artist I LOVE-- although he will probably not make it to Australia. Check out Justin Roberts on iTunes. He's so fab. Great lyrics, and music even a parent can love. We've seen him about 5 or 6 times in concert. For a taste, try "Maybe the Monster," "My Imaginary Rhino," or one of my faves, "Stay at Home Dad." Also "I Lost the Tooth I Lost" is funny and sweet.