Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Week in Pictures (and some words. and a bra.)

Here are a few I've taken in the last several days.

September 1st was the first day of spring! After living here five years, I've finally begun to think of September and October as springtime months, which is totally surreal on one level. I picked these freesia from our front yard...they smell so wonderful. And I love my little yellow thrift store vase! We had a few warmer days last week and now it's raining and freezing again. Boo! Please ignore the knife and other stuff in the background of that photo. I can't stage pictures for crap. One of my many failings as a blogger, nay, as a person.

Last week, our church moved into a permanent facility. We've been meeting for church services in a conference facility for the past several years. That means that each week, we had to unpack everything we needed for our service, sound equipment and kid's ministry out of plastic storage bins. And then pack it all away again. Each week for the last 5 years or so. Now, we've signed a long term lease on a place and are getting to, like, leave stuff where we put it! You can't imagine how liberating this is! Here, Ava and Nate were "helping" do some painting. Jason basically lived at the new place all last week, painting, building, rallying the troops, rollling around joyously on the carpet, etcetera.

Well. What to say? Grace has taken to getting my bras out of the laundry basket and draping them around her neck. She walks around the house like this, and screeches at me if I try to take it from her. I wasn't gonna post this photo, cause really, this isn't one of my nicer bras. But then I thought, hey--I mean, y'all probably assume I wear a bra, so what's the harm in showing a photo of one?

Not that I'm implying you've been thinking about my bra. Or lack thereof. Except for right now you're probably thinking about it cause I brought it up. And that's okay. Never mind. Can we forget we talked about this?

This past Tuesday was my birfday, y'all! Bring it on, 34! Hit me with your best shot--I ain't afraid of you and your early signs of aging! Jason and I went out for dinner at Darling Harbour. It's our favorite place to go in the city. Here we are in a very silly, contrived photo. But I can do that cause it was my birthday! Look at Jason, though. Is he cute or what? What a biscuit! I have a case of Crazy Eye in this picture, but I can do that! Cause it was my birthday! (P.S. I was wearing a bra in this picture.)

And here's the view from where we sat at dinner. Darling Harbour at dusk. This never gets old. Sydney is beautiful. Why haven't you visited yet? We also have koalas.

Here's Grace this afternoon. She wanted me to put her in the rocking chair to watch cartoons with Nate. He was not happy about giving up the beloved chair. But to his credit, he did. And look at her, all looking like a little person!

Here's how I found Ava and Nate this morning before school. They are either bickering furiously, or doing things like this. The other day, we were all driving somewhere together and Nate asked, "Why can't brothers and sisters get married? Cause I wanna marry Ava!" And Ava chimed in, "I wanna marry Nate!" I was like, "Over to you, Jase!" He handled it beautifully, "You guys love each other a lot, but the love you'll have for the person you marry will feel very different. You just don't know the difference yet, but you will one day. Plus? Genetics." (Except, he didn't say that last part. It was implied, though.)

That's our little world at the moment. Flowers, birfdays, painting, bras and discussions about inbreeding. Pretty standard fare, really.


  1. I love your photos here cuz they are real. I snort and snicker at obvious staged photos. So many to xomment on. First, the photo of you and Hubs is wonderful. 34!!! I wish!!!!! And Grace does look like a little person. With big, pretty eyes. And how precious are your two oldest on the couch like that? How far apart in years/months are they? So cute.
    Oh, and when at home the best place for a bra is anywhere but on the body.
    Happy Spring!

  2. The pictures are great-all of them. The pix of Grace show how much she has grown and she does look like the queen of the house sitting in the rocker. So she loves cartoons? Following in the steps of her sis and bro. That. Must have been nice Bday dinner at the Harbor. It is a gorgeous guys look fantastic! Imagine having freesia growing in your yard.who knew?

  3. That person standing behind Jason makes him look like he's rocking a serious mullet...

  4. Well, happy birthday, woman!

    And how glad are you that the whole sibling marriage question came up in the car and not at the grocery store?

  5. That must feel incredible (the permanent facility - not the bra)! After setting up and tearing down for eight years in San Diego, now I'm starting all over again in Dallas. Someday, somehow, I look forward to the day that I can go to lunch right after church. It seems like such a distant dream...

  6. I'm so glad the kids love each other like that!

    And you are hotter than you were at 24! Don't you feel like that?

    Jason is hawt too. And I think Grace must see you in just your bra all the time and she thinks it's a magical, talismanic object.

  7. 34! so young! my goodness, let me try and remember what it was like at 34, hmmm can't remember:)

    you are brave posting pictures of your bra on the www! that's all I have to say about that! :)

  8. 1. Love the flowers, love the vase.
    2. Congrats on the new space! Most excellent.
    3. The bra shawl is hysterical.
    4. Happy Birthday!
    5. I want to come to Sydney. Boohoo.
    6. Grace is so big and cute in her chair. And good for big brother for sharing.
    7. Jason is a keeper.

    Okay, I think I covered everything.

  9. Loved reading these two posts, ha! A quick nurse, ba haha!!! But the good thing is that you don't have to se those people regularly, the other story...well, you poor thing. And yes, I'm with you - acknowledge the awkwrd!

    Ava abd Nate are precious =).

  10. Thanks, y'all! It was a good week. :)

    Michele R, they are 2 years apart. When they are getting along, it's so great. And when they're not...

    Jenni-you are so right! I him we were lucky to have that question contained in the car--unlike the time Nate asked me about me "getting that worm" (leech) at the grocery store.

    Beck--thanks! I'm feeling pretty good. Definitely more confident than at 24, which helps I think!

  11. Oh--and Gretchen, you win for most comprehensive comment. And for saying "bra shawls"!

    Friar--ack! You're right! How funny! See? Told you I can't stage photos!