Sunday, September 19, 2010

I made some scones and I liked it.

Well, Becky may have finished her Ph.D, (during cancer treatments, no less!) but I have been doing a lot of unnecessary baking.

Not to be outdone.

In the past few weeks, I've made Lemon Pound Cake with glazed icing, Pioneer Woman's Chocolate Sheet Cake (twice), Lemon Sponge Pie, fudge brownies, and some other stuff. And as we say in the South, that pound cake was so good it'll make you wanna hit your granny. (I'm not sure why we say that, but we do. When something tastes really good. I would like to add here that I am in no way an advocate of grandparent abuse.)

Last Friday, I made scones! I've been wanting to try to make scones for awhile but I've heard how they're actually kind of tricky to get right. You have to be careful or they come out too chewy. A chewy scone is a crime against nature.

Have you had a scone? I hadn't until I moved to Australia. And then, from across a crowded room, our eyes met. It was love.

Anyway, I googled "easy scone recipe". This is my chosen method for cooking anything. Google it with "easy" in the search query. The Internet knows all about me and my lack of ability, so it gives me the easiest recipes on the interwebs.

Anyway, this recipe popped up on Exclusively Food. I liked it cause it only had 3 ingredients, one of which was cold lemonade. (To my fellow Americans, this means a carbonated lemon soda, not the lemonade you're thinking of.)

So I maked it, yes I did. Here is the aftermath.

In the upper right hand corner you will notice our DVD remote control. And an un-used band-aid. I insist on a pristine baking environment.

And here they are baking.

Ha! Is this like being forced to watch a slideshow of someone's vacation photos? "And here we are waiting in line at Sea World." "And that's me with Shamu."

And here I am with Grace, whipping the cream. (Shamu not pictured.)
Scones must be served with freshly whipped cream, you see. Otherwise, what's the point? I would also like to add that I call this hairstyle "4:30pm on a Friday". Feel free to use it as an inspiration pic to take to your stylist.

And here they are! Aren't they cute? They're smaller than scones would normally be, cause I had a small pastry cutter. One of several inadequacies that I deal with.
I know, right? So scone-like! I put them on my Christmas plate...because I like to do things right around here.

And this is how you do it. Cut them in half, spread on the jam of your choice and slather that cream on, baby. So yum.

And now, in honor of scones with jam and cream, I present to you a poem. Inspired by William Carlos Williams' poem about a red wheelbarrow. (You read that in high school, right?) (And by "inspired", I mean "totally ripped off").

so much jam
and cream

fitted onto a
tiny scone

glazed with

beside a grasping

Scone-ariffic, y'all! Scone-tastic! Whip some up this week!


  1. Amy, you are a baking mah-chine! Sounds delish,all of it. I especially like the pic of you and Grace in the throes of culinary creation. She looks like a confection herself. Would love to be there to try one!
    P.S. I bet the fam ate them with the "gusto of a hound dog." We say that in the South too,remember.

  2. I don't know how I let you go to another continent without knowing the origins of such basic Southern idioms.

    "Granny", presumably would be the source of all the best tasting goodies. But, suddenly you come across something so much better than her's that you realize the old crone must have been holding out on you, and so she ought to be punished.

    I didn't say it was a pretty sentiment.

    Love the Williams reference.

  3. Is this becoming one of those baking/poetry blogs?


  4. I was reading your post and laughing (especially loud at the Christmas plate part.) And E says, "Whatchoo laughing at?" And I say, "Amy's blog." Then I read it to him, and he's like "what's funny?" And I sigh...."American humor is wasted on you."

  5. Can I have another please neighbour... they were mighty fine!!!! Your passion for unnecessary baking in a 'must tidy my room before I can even think of starting to do any school revision' type of manner is one of the many reasons we love living net door to you ;-)

  6. I adore scones, ADORE them. But then my daughter went and developed Coeliacs, leaving me sconeless. Gluten free flour just doesn't make scones like regular flour. Sigh.

    I save up all my scone envy though and go visit my great grandmother. She makes the best scones.

  7. These look FANTASTIC. And I love your poem.

    There was a woman on MasterChef who I LOVED, a sweet Southern lady who takes care of old people as her job. And she had the FUNNIEST idioms-- one was "it'll make yo' tongue smack yo' brain!" and the other was "it'll make you want to punch yo' mama!" Now I know it's not just her, it's a whole Southern thing.

  8. I love how you are getting more "Australianised" - scones, the ultimate test of any aussie lady and you passed it, congratulations!
    btw, had I known, I would have sent Ron around on Friday to join in for a cuppa, he absolutely LOVES them! Need to make them again soon...and yes the lemonade really does the trick:)

  9. Thanks,guys! Dad, I thought that was probably it, but I was hoping you would weigh in.

    Veronica, you poor thing. The things we sacrifice for our children, right? ;)

    Rosemary! I'll text you next time I make them. Maybe I'll throw caution to the wind and add some dates next time. Or--gasp--chocolate chips!!

  10. Dude. "So much depends upon" the scones.

    I love you such bunches!

    And also, have you tried clotted cream? Can you get that in Aussieland? I order it occasionally from England for my scone-loving hubby.

  11. Love scones! I was repeatedly admonished by my husband when we were in Australia for pronouncing them scones, and not scons. I tell him I'll do my best next time we're in Oz to call them scons but when I'm making them, they are scones. Totally trying that recipe. Thanks!

  12. :GASP:

    You KNOW about PIONEER WOMAN RECIPES? They've been my undoing. Well, I take that back - I've tried a ton of her recipes, and they are all fabulous, all pretty terrible for you, and half the time, it's my fallback for any hosting or food-bringing I do to events. Do you cook any of her other recipes?

  13. Betsy I totally thought of you when I posted this! I remember you saying that Williams' poem was your favorite! I haven't tried clotted cream...I'm sure we can get it here though.

    Crazy, I still say "scones" too! Some do here, I find. And this recipe was super easy.

    Wifey, I've known about her for a long time, but only tried the recipes recently. Her chicken spaghetti is nice. I've tried a few others too--yum! But all the butter!! Good Lord at the butter! ;)

  14. You need to know that Pioneer Woman Sherried Tomato Soup is about the best thing I've had. I make it all the time and it is super easy and ridiculously impressive. The end.