Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The jokes just write themselves.

My dad emailed Becky, Dave, and I today with some late breaking political news out of Alabama.

"There are two people running for public office in Alabama whose names are, no kidding, Young Boozer, and Buster Crapps."

Pause and reflect. Two guys. Young Boozer and Buster Crapps.

Mom and Dad were driving back to Florida from the mountains and saw their campaign signs on the road.

The extent to which this news made my day cannot be over-emphasized. As Becky wrote back, "You cannot make Alabama up!"

Dad said that Boozer is running for state treasurer and his slogan is, "Funny name, serious leadership."

In a really weird way, this makes me miss home. Where else, y'all? I ask you.

Things like this make me love life. You know what I mean? We can only hope that one day their children will marry. Then we would have the house of Boozer-Crapps.

Now, go. Enjoy your day, knowing that such things exist in the world.

(Am posting via my phone but I'll verify with links later. As if I could make this up.)


  1. Haven't we always believed that Alabama is a fantasy land? You truly cannot make up a place like that. But,hey, anything that makes you homesick...I'm just saying...

  2. Thank goodness you blogged about this; somebody needed to.

    Let me be the first to say:

    Boozer Crapps 2016!

  3. Alright now, as we celebrate the unique wonder that is Alabama, let not forget that I was born there, as were a huge number of your immediate forebears. So don't over-mock...only those of us who were born in the Heart of Dixie can give full rein to our snarkiness.

    By the way, do you know why there is no "CSI: Alabama"?

    Because there are no dental records and all the DNA is the same.

  4. he he he:)
    in some tiny way this helps because I've been so embarassed by the shenanigans (if i can call them that) going on in my former home country supposedly going to be hosting some major sporting event, let's not say anymore about that one, too embarassing!!!!

  5. No over-mockage intended, Dad! I have a genuine affection for the place, and considering that I was born just one exit over the state line, I'm practically from there too! Awesome CSI joke, by the way.

    Rosemary, I just saw the news about all the issues leading up to the commonwealth games! I wonder what they're going to do??