Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Vacuum wasn't the only thing that sucked, I'll tell you that much.

Don't you think it's interesting the T-shirts that people sometimes choose to wear? I've been thinking a little about this since I read this post of Fraught's. It's as if people forget the fact that whatever sentiment their shirt carries is what they're sporting around wherever they go, whatever they're doing, all day long.

For instance. Today Jason and I were at the mall with Nate and Grace. We went to buy a vacuum. That's not the subject of this post, but dang. Buying a vacuum is a much more complex scenario than it used to be. Power heads, rotary brushes, bagless, HEPA filters, suction, carpet, tile, upright. Good grief. I now know way more about vacuum-ology than I ever wanted to. After we finally made the decision, I felt like I needed to go lie down for awhile. Such vacuum angst! But about the T-shirt. So we're sitting in the food court and this middle aged guy walks by pushing a toddler in a stroller. His T-shirt said, "When I become God, everybody dies."

And I was all, Really? That's how you're gonna finish that sentence? I mean, I can appreciate the humor of sentiments I don't necessarily agree with. But not only is that one vaguely stupid and weird, it's not even funny. Sir, you should get your money back for that shirt. Cause it doesn't even make sense. I mean, if you wanna say something, try harder, for pete's sake.

Like this, for instance.

Have you seen this website? They sell these as shirts or posters. Hilarious. If dude wants to wear a T-shirt that is in your face and somewhat abrasive, he could at least make it witty.

I like this one:

Or even:

If we're going to be snarky and mean-spirited in our T-shirt wearing, let's all be a little more creative, okay? That is all I ask.

P.S. And here's another one. Is he looking at me?

Do you have any favorites? Or any awful-shirt-sightings?


  1. My nephew has a T-shirt that said, "Homicide: Our day starts when yours ends." A little morbid, maybe, but I kind of like the dry sense of humor.

    I agree with you about the God T-shirt. Not funny at all! And the vagina shirt on Fraught? I think I would have died, too.

  2. Ooooh, thanks for the linky love! (Yeah, that was some shirt, huh?) But I *totally* agree - if you're going to put it in my face, at least make it witty!

    The last shirt gave me a big giggle.

  3. Ooooh, thanks for the linky love! (Yeah, that was some shirt, huh?) But I *totally* agree - if you're going to put it in my face, at least make it witty!

    The last shirt gave me a big giggle.

  4. I have seen one of those posters with this big lightening strike in the background and it says, "Absolute power corrupts absolutely. But it rocks absolutely too."

    It always cracks me up.

  5. If we're getting just a tad bit sacrilegious, my personal fave is -


    I actually own this. Cause, I dig Mary.

  6. Meghan and Gretchen, those are hilarious! And the second poster is my fave, but I think the first may actually be true.

    I need more deets on what vacuum you got, natch.

  7. Okay Amy. It's becca hardy and I've been following your blog since seeing you guys in Dallas in January. And I just had to comment on this posting cuz I KNOW the despair.com guy (the dude holding the pessimist's mug on the home page is actually the CEO). He's married to the lady that was our wedding coordinator and Tim and I still get together w them regularly. And let me tell you, he IS despair.com- very sarcastic and dry and hilarious. And he's married to the most romantic, optimistic and sincere woman I know. Somehow it works though... They are a precious couple.

  8. Get this one: there's a parent of a kid in my kid's class, and at the kindergarten social, before school even started when we were meeting all the parents and all the kids were meeting each other, this person showed up wearing a t-shirt of Mickey Mouse being crucified. Seriously. That's the first impression you want to make?

  9. That shirt *doesn't* make sense. Unless maybe its purpose is just to irritate with its nonsense. Is it wrong that I assume that guy is kind of a jerk, as opposed to being clever?

    I think little girl and boy shirts that say things like "I'm a total brat but I'm cute" are gross.

  10. This one's encouraging:


  11. You guys, these are so funny! Meghan and David--I saw the Absolute Power and Blogging ones on that site. Wickedly funny.

    Gretchen--I've seen that shirt before! Hee hee! I love how she has her hands posed in the picture.

    Becca! You KNOW the demotivators guy?? Oh man, that is so stinkin' cool! I have cracked up at their stuff for years--and I had no idea they were based in Dallas. I could've gotten a job there or something!

    And Beth...wow. I have to say that your shirt sighting takes the cake. That is absolutely bizarre. Not only worn in an inappropriate context, but what is that supposed to MEAN? Weird at a whole 'nother level.

  12. Oh that's funny! Yeah I really like the last one :).

  13. My favorite maternity tee right now says, "Get lost. Can't you see I'm trying to shoplift this Basketball?"

    Hee hee.

    Also love the maternity tee that says, "Babies are for lovers"