Thursday, February 4, 2010

And yet, I remain unmoved.

We still have baby monitors in the kids' rooms, because the living areas of the house are far enough away that we can't always hear them calling out at night, especially if we have people over. Which we often do. So after we put Ava and Nate to bed at night, we switch on the monitor and often enjoy hearing the monologues they have with themselves. Nate, especially. He is quite entertaining.

Lately, it's his prayers that are getting us. We pray for the kids at bedtime and Nate has started praying outloud after we leave his room. It's so funny though--he is having a total conversation. He talks to God and then pauses to listen, then talks some more, then pauses and responds.

A couple of weeks ago, right after we got back from our trip, we switched on the monitor and heard Nate say in a tearful voice, "God? Can I have a puppy?" (Pause.) "God, I'd weally, weally like a puppy. Can I have one--please?" There was another pause then he said, "Thank you."

My eyebrows shot up as I looked at Jason. "Did the Lord just tell him he could have a puppy?" Cause I don't really want a puppy, y'all. To be quite honest, there is enough poop around here that I am charged with cleaning up and I'm really not interested in adding more to that, um, load. Can we start with a goldfish?

But if the Lord has indeed spoken, He ain't said anything to me yet. I don't want to be like Pharoah, so hardened that God sent plague after plague until he relented and let the Israelites go. But I figure if God told Nate he could have a puppy that He'll let me in on that fact as well.

Wait a minute. Plagues. Do you think this is why we've had our rodent problem of late? Is the Lord sending plagues to deal with my disobedience? Holy Moses!

Nate never said anything to us about his conversation with God. So let's hope that he's moved on to something else. In the meantime, unless a few thousand locusts come knocking on the door, I don't think we're getting a puppy anytime soon.

And now an update that you will not stinking believe: I promise you, just now, not five minutes after I hit "Publish Post", I got up and went to the pantry to get something out. And, ewwwww, I saw a blur of fur and a tail and y'all there was a freaking rat in my pantry. In my pantry in my pantry in my pantry. Of course, of course, Jason is out at a meeting tonight. I screamed and ran into the living room and jumped up and down. I just called Jason and he is on his way home and I promise you I am shaking. I know that's ridiculous. But there it is. I've closed off the kitchen and I don't think i will go in there again until all the rodents in Australia are dead. This is not funny anymore.


  1. God has spoken. Get that boy a puppy.

  2. Ummm, Amy, Honey-girl. Cats are what keep the rodent population at bay. Cats, not dogs...I'm just sayin'

  3. How precious that Nate is having conversations with God. Maybe now Nate's prayer focus should be getting rid of the rats ! I am sorry that you are still having them around. It's exterminator time I think.

  4. Adorable post, and Amy, have I told you that they really don't have rats in Colorado???? Just planting a seed...

  5. Nate is so precious. I got all teary reading that.

    What is not precious is this rat thing.

    Get that boy a puppy. Then get the hecks out of there. Can you move? When is your lease up?

  6. Terriers are bred to kill rats! Seriously, getting a dog is a really bad idea. You should totally get one.

  7. Amy, I share your fear. In fact, since reading your posts about this, ahem, problem, I have been having dreams--rather, nightmares--about rodents in my own home! Thank you very much. NOT fun! And, aren't you still in a sweltering, un-airconditioned home (is that a word??)? I am praying for you, friend. I agree with Becky: MOVE! --Susan (Judy's daughter)

  8. Amy, you simply must get Nate a puppy! The Lord has said so. And so have I. :)

    I am sympathetic to the fact that having a puppy and a baby at the same time could be a wee bit overwhelming.

    I vote beagle. Those dogs will sniff out rodents, and most anything else!

  9. Get back in here and tell us what is going on with the rat!

  10. The fact that Nate's prayers are already a personal conversation
    with God speaks well for his parents. How utterly and completely
    As for the other situation..MOVE!

  11. Those conversations that Nate is having with God are gorgeous!
    BTW, I have already told you guys about guinea easy and they only do miniscule (non-smelly) poos:) I'm sure Nate would love them and it will buy you some more time with God (as far as getting him a puppy:))

  12. Thanks, everyone. Good point about the cats. Plus they bury their own poop--you gotta respect that. Thanks for the sympathy everyone! I have to agree that Nate is a sweetie, and he seems to have a direct line to God set up. I think I'll start funneling all my prayers through him.

    And Susan--oh my I am so sorry that you are having rat dreams now!! See--this blog DOES change lives! ;)

  13. How wonderful is it to get to hear Nate's prayers!

    Maybe you *should* ask what the answer to the puppy prayer was. We don't want you to have to go all belly of the whale 'n stuff.

    And yech! I have this repeating visual of a rat tail scurrying away. I hope they are gone asap! (Would you believe I received an exterminator trade magazine this week? It said that you should have all foliage and shrubbery trimmed (gone?) within like 25 feet of the house?? to discourage rodents from entering. And some other stuff I don't remember but I've still got the mag if you'd like me to reference anything else for ya ;-)