Saturday, October 24, 2009

Big Day at our place

Thanks for your suggestions regarding my recent paperwork dilemma. Our appointment at the consulate went very smoothly, and Grace is well on her way to being a US citizen. Boo-yah! I'll fill you in more on that later.

This morning I attended a Pink Ribbon Breakfast for breast cancer awareness and fundraising. October is Breast Cancer Awareness month in Oz, and my neighbor co-hosted a breakfast at a local restaurant. It was really nice to meet some other women from our neighborhood. As I've mentioned before, due to the fact that we're new to this city and don't have the same familial and relational connections that most people here have, I really enjoy opportunities to connect with people around here. To me, that's one of the biggest perks to having Ava enrolled in our local school. It's one of several touchpoints that I now have with the community. And y'all, I am a woman of the people. I like to get out there, shake hands, kiss babies--the whole deal.

Plus, the breakfast was for a great and relevant cause. Breast cancer affects 1 in 8 women! Yowza. I was touched and impressed to see the breast cancer survivors that were there this morning and glad to be just a small part of giving towards a cure.

But the real fun--for the kids, at least--was the pink helium balloons I brought home. A few weeks ago, Jason and I introduced them them to the joys of sucking in helium and talking with a funny voice. Some people play Mozart to their kids or read Shakespeare. We teach ours to tell knock-knock jokes an octave higher than normal. I'm sure this will help them get into college one day.

I think we laugh as hard as they do. And I've done your work for you by discovering that *the funniest* sentence you can say with a helium-enriched voice is a line from the movie Elf: "Hey Buddy, wanna look for snow berries?" It kills 'em every time!

I'm off now to help set up for Nate's preschool Disco that is happening in about an hour. C'mon, party people! Ain't no disco like a preschool disco, cause a preschool disco don't stop! As the esteemed chairperson of the Parent Committee, I will have many important and challenging duties. Such as: handing out glow bracelets and taking out the rubbish at the end.

Have a great day! Maybe you can track down some helium.


  1. Oh my, that IS the funniest sentence for helium ever! I want to go find some right this very minute.

    And I LOVE that movie. I think it is an absolute classic.

  2. I think you rock as a mom with the helium fun. Mine would love it too. I thank my kids for Elf--never would have watched it w/out them wanting to see it. We watch it every year at Christmas time and I hear the quotes all year long such as "You smell like meat and cheese".

  3. Ah, there's always time later for Mozart. Now's the time for silly fun.
    Ava and Nate look like they are full of giggles.

  4. You have had a busy weekend:)
    I could say that you would make a great politician (kissing babies etc) but then I'm not sure about where you come from but over here it could be taken as an insult:) so I won't say it:)

  5. Knock knock jokes and helium. It can't get any better than that ;)~. I wish I was closer to see your kiddos grow!

    Glad you found my blog :)! Miss you guys too! xoxo

  6. You. Rock.

    And you make me want to go fetch helium balloons and watch Elf, stat!

    I'm actually looking forward to Christmas now that you've reminded me of that movie.

    We're all the time singing in the office to my dad "You're my Dad, and I'm here, and I'm singing..!"
    Even funnier bc he has no idea what we're talking about.

  7. Okay, as a certified Mozart playing, Shakespeare reading mum I solemnly promise to teach my daughter to tell funny jokes an octave higher in the very near future. I would say today, but I live in the country and the nearest helium filled balloon is more than an hour away, so will asap do?

    I followed you over from Joyfulmum's blog. She always speaks so highly of you!!

  8. Thanks Sara and Michele Renee! Yeah, that movie has some GREAT lines. Whenever the kids get really upset, Jason and I whisper to each other: "He's an *angry* elf!"

    And hi, Jeanne! Thanks for coming over. :)Perhaps you could work the helium into the Shakespeare? Could put an interesting spin on Hamlet's soliloquy! ;) Hmmm...I might have to try that.