Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I am so all over that, it's taken care of. (What are we talking about again?)

In a given week, how often do you feign competency? Or maybe not feign it, but at least give the impression that you are more on top of things than you really are?

I thought about this today as I dropped Nate off at preschool. You see, I was recently crowned the chairperson of the preschool's Parent Management Committee. So in case you were wondering if I was an important person, now you know that I totally am.
OMG! I promised myself I wouldn't cry! In my reign as chair, I will do everything I can to see world peace happen. Or whirled peas. That could be good, too.

So today, I thought that since we were in Melbourne when the meeting took place where I was actually installed (or whatever you call it), I should chat with the Preschool Director and find out what I ought to have already been doing. I are a leader now. Therefore, I gotta start doing some leader-y things.

I decided to act like I'd already been giving it some thought, so I kind of vaguely said, "Yeah, I thought I'd email [other official preschool person] and find out about the paperwork for the skhjeihgoisen khjaowiejarf," (here is where I made intelligent-sounding noises hoping I could trick her) "and also look into that grant application. I think we should really look into that, so I'll be looking into that." I'm pretty sure she was awed by my brilliance and instilled with confidence in my capability.

Now as most of my friends and anyone in our church can tell you (I hope!), I am a big fan of the keepin' it real. I really think Jason and I are most effective in ministry by being who we really are, not pretending to be faultless. After all, it was the real us, not some idealized version of us, that God called into ministry in the first place. He knows who we are! So when it comes to spiritual things and relationships, I try really hard to be authentic. But in some areas of my life, there are times where I have to play a little catch-up, and um, perhaps relay an impression that I am maybe just a little more with it than I really am. This buys me some time to then go and get a little more with it, you see. Clever, I know. I'm sure everyone is fooled by my elaborate ruse.

Well I better cut this short, cause I have to go email this preschool guy about something except I'm not sure what I'm really supposed to be asking him, so I'm gonna ask him without asking him. Got that? But tell me the ways in which you feign understanding or competency. C'mon, 'fess up!


  1. Yes, I SO know what you mean ! Once upon a time, for three endless years, I was the Chair of our church's Pastor Parish Committee. That's a personnel board for the Methodist Church,which does the hiring and firing. I, a lowly third grade teacher, had never hired or fired before. I felt inadequate the whole time! I got through it though. Largely by getting other people to talk. What's the old saying, "God doesn't call the equipped. He equips the called. "Maybe some truth there. Come to think of it, huge chunks of my career were enhanced by my feigning competence. So, look smart, listen to others, nod , and jump in ! You'll be Great !

  2. We call that BS around here. :) LOL!!! And..yes..I'm so guilty of that..except when I get caught, and then I find myself in a coughing fit..or an IMMEDIATE trip to the bathroom..where I can compose myself and try to make a quick getaway!!! :) Fortunately this doesn't happen very often...I'm seldom crowned queen..or chairperson of anything around here..well, I'll always be "Chairperson of dirty laundry". ;)

  3. I pin my M. Div. diploma to my shirt.

  4. Well, I must say I ain't very good at that, as you would know by now / or I hope you know by now:) - I wear my emotions on my sleeve/s too much so not good at hiding stuff so you probably won't get too much fessing from me as there ain't too much to fess up about, (I think:))
    Wow, that was a long sentence!!

  5. This has been an issue my whole life. Somehow people always think I know way more than I do. I think 'cause I've always been able to remember words/vocab, so I can sound like I know what I'm talking about?

    Like when I worked at the insurance company, people used to routinely think I was a doctor. I never actually performed surgery to convince them though.

  6. For me, it's hedge fund mamagement. Sorry about the mess, everyone.

  7. This post and accompanying comments make me feel so much better...I mean, ahem...What are you all talking about?! I'm always pleasant and super competent. Ha!

    Just thinking about being a chairperson of anything gives me the fits. Heck, just trying to remember when it's my turn to bring the snack gives me fits.

    So you're way ahead of me in the game!

  8. I feign competency somewhere in the neighborhood of 40 hours a week whilst at work.

  9. Pretty much every time you hear me respond to someone with "exactly!" or "absolutely!" it means that I have no idea what you are talking about. I've learned that by saying these words people think you are genius.

  10. I think I probably feign competency for about 24 hours a day! People seem to think that once you've given birth you know what you're doing with children. Oh, if only they knew how wrong they were.