Thursday, October 29, 2009

Someone's *Official*!

Despite all my griping about all the paperwork required, Grace's appointment at the US Consulate went very smoothly. And you wanna know why? Cause a certain someone had done all her homework and showed up with all the applications and the pile of supporting documentation required. Thank you. I like to think that the guy who helped us was impressed with my organization and charm.

Have you ever been in a situation, where although you're with strangers, you share a common characteristic that causes you to feel a sense of kinship with them? (That is a terrible sentence.) That's how I feel when I go to the Consulate. Once we got through the fairly tight security, we walked in and I wanted to be all, "Whasssup, Ameri-CANS!!!" I was gonna go down the line of clerks and give everyone high-fives, but they were behind glass. So I didn't. It's like I think a consulate should provide entertainment for citizens. Shouldn't I be able to drop in anytime and play ping pong or something? Or watch American Idol? I was smiling at everyone and saying hi, thinking that they might feel the same way. I don't think they did. Is it even possible that not everyone in there wanted to get to know me? How could that be so?

Nevertheless they were very courteous and efficient and bada-bing! Exactly one week to the day later, guess what came in the mail?

Our girl has her passport in hand, ready for a whirlwind of globe-trotting adventures! And now that she's recognized as an American, I will start passing down some cultural gifts to her: a love for freedom, justice, reality TV and free refills. Actually, she already has that last one handled!

Isn't it funny to see a baby's face on a passport? I didn't get a passport until I was 17. My parents were years into adulthood before they needed one. I wonder when my grandchildren will get theirs. Do they give travel documents to zygotes?

I better run...all three kids are disgruntled and puny feeling today. Nate and Ava have slight fevers, and Grace got her 4 month immunizations today. Ava keeps moaning from the couch, "Whyyy is this happening to me?" I can't imagine where she gets the drama from.

I am hoping to post a cookie redemption story soon...maybe I'll take another crack at it tomorrow. Will keep you posted...har har har. Pun TOTALLY intended.


  1. Yeah, Grace! Welcome to the pleasures and responsibilities of citizenship. Sometimes it will be wonderful. Other times it will be more difficult. We'll be here to advise you, Sweets.Meanwhile, keep growing and being gorgeous. Be good to your Mom and Dad and play nicely with Nate and Ava. We love you and can't wait to see you.

  2. Okay, yes, oddly cute to see little baby Grace on a passport. Looks like a gag gift.

    And Ava is SO stinkin adorable...."Whhhyy is this happening to me?" Oh my.

  3. I totally get it about feeling like you want to hang out with the people in the American consulate. Remember the scene in the Bourne Identity were he evades the Swiss police by stepping into the embassy? It should totally be like that. And then you kick everybody's asses and jump out the fire escape.

    And think how funny Grace's picture will look in five years, 'cause her passport will be good 'til then. I thought the same when we got Hank's last summer.

  4. wow, i've never has a passport! are they all that fancy lookin? oh and your ava, so CUTE!!

  5. I just couldn't get past that pic of Grace with the passport, how cuuuute!

  6. The precious-holding-her-passport is SUCH a keeper. Loved it!!

    Glad to know she is Official and congrats from a lowly non-consular type on having your stuff altogether and organadized & such. Cos that's always impressive, especially in a mom of three.