Monday, March 23, 2009

Whoomp There It Is, Indeed

As a pastor, (Lord, what a way to begin a sentence) some of my days are spent trying to help with some really difficult or sensitive situations. God is faithful to equip us to do what we can. It can be rewarding and fulfilling, but sometimes it's just hard. Today was one of those days. And as Nate might say, me no can blog about that.

So how 'bout something that's all about me instead? OKAY! You know me, I gotta give the people what they want.

Today, Ava's friend Rebekah was over and the girls were dressed in their ballet clothes for some serious ballet-ifying. (Say hi to Jan there in the background! Jason's parents are visiting.)

Nate wanted to dress up too, so we used our current go-to outfit: the cowboy. (He was clothed this time.)

I played some Aaron Copland for them and they spun around the living room. To the Americans in the house: 'Member that song from the Beef Commercials? ("Beef. It's what's for dinner.") They loved that one! I know--I am so cultured and stuff. So after much spinning and twirling, I asked if they wanted to hear some fast music.

I put on an old CD I have called "Sports Jamz" (or something terrible like that). My friend Jody may remember this CD from a skit we were forced into years ago at a women's retreat. All I will say is that it involved the song "Y'all Ready for This?", bare midriffs, and pom poms. That's all I will say, and I'm pretty sure I've over-shared as it is.

Well, Nate especially loved "Y'all Ready for This". I wish you could've seen the somersaults he was doing--all while keeping his cowboy hat on. The girls were having fun, too. Finally when I could talk Nate into listening to another song, I put on the next one. Remember "Whoomp, There It Is"? Awww, yeah. C'mon, Party People!

Don't pretend that you don't like this song. You're hearing it in your head right now, aren't you? I listen to Coldplay and Jack Johnson just as much as you, but don't be gettin' all superior and stuff! Whenever you chance to hear this song, which isn't so often anymore, you know that wanna get up and shake it. That's okay, you know. This song, for some reason, makes me feel really happy. I could say that it's evocative of simpler times, slumber parties, and the exuberance of youth--or maybe I just like to get my dance on every now and then.

So, I decided to get up from my perch by the CD player to show the kids how it's done. I did some of my best moves. They were less than impressed. You know that scene from "Hitch" where Hitch tries to teach Albert Brennamen to dance? Yeah. I was a little like that. Not Will Smith, the other guy. Belly included.

I mean, I think I got game, but no one else in the room did. The kids all looked away--like they were too embarrassed to even see it! Even 3 year old Nate, who is so lacking in social awareness that any public place is clothing-optional, averted his eyes. Was I really that bad? Perhaps it was just the overwhelming sight of my 7months pregnant self shaking like a polaroid. Too much to take in. Like staring into the sun--brilliant, glorious, blinding.

Or not. Perhaps it was freakishness, combined with no rhythm and a case of chronic white-girl. But do I care? Nope! In my mind, I am frozen at age 22: cute, bubbly, and well, not great-with-child. So I am somewhat surprised when I am not perceived this way. I mean, I know how adorable I am--and you should too, right? Right??

So what age are you "frozen" at? And what reality check has snapped you back to the present? Tag Team, Back Again!


  1. While I never could shake my groove thang without the rhythm police SWAT team deploying, there was a time when I could get out of bed a walk around without making the old man noises. I just didn't know enough to adequately appreciate those days.

    Anyway, I do love me some Copeland, especially Rodeo and Appalachian Spring. AND it sounds American! My ex-pat grandchildren need to hear some American sounding music. (I hope no apology is needed to all your lovely and fine international readers.)

  2. LOL!! I loved this post!!! I can see you getting your groove on!! :)

  3. No one can resist the Whoomp song. Especially not pregnant ladies.:)
    I was doing the shake yer booty dance with my 3 yr old niece this weekend. I wasn't feeling so cute, but that just made it funnier. (Or scarier?)
    Sports Jamz? What does that even mean?! ha! too funny!

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  6. Well, I can't relate to all that music you know ( I mean I had a deprived childhood/youth:)) however, I am so glad that **YOU** had a good time while watching my daughter. Thanks heaps!
    Oh and thanks Jan too! Rebekah enjoyed watching Horton with you.
    Hope I am allowed to do this on your blog Amy?:)
    And no apology is needed to Americanise your children (wink), they are after all "American" as Rebekah would say, much to Ava's dismay! oops, I've probably said too much!

  7. As a pastor's kid, I can relate to your first paragraph! We overheard a lot that we're weren't supposed to, with strict instructions on confidentiality. Of course, this was when I was older, and there was no blogging back then!

    I remember that Sport Jamz CD! Probably came out in the Michael Jordan era.... How fun!

  8. I love, love that scene in Hitch!!

    [And also the image of you dancing to that song. Hee.]

    This is a minor reality check for me, but did you know that people who are 21 this year were born in 1988? 1988.

    That's almost the 90s! It's just wrong. :P

  9. Dad--Rodeo! Couldn't remember the name, thank you. I told the kids it was about the Wild West, so close enough.

    And Ava is well aware of her nationality--in fact, she makes me sing the Star Spangled Banner when we're in the car and wants to hear all about the story behind it. (So I have to dredge up my 5th grade history lesson.) She says it's prettier than "Advance, Australia Fair", and that it sounds like a lullaby. So I think for now that her Americanness is secure. :)

    Sara--I know it the name is so awful, and it's pretty reflective of the CD. :) It's a compilation of songs played at sporting events to pump up the crowd. You can imagine.

    Rosemary, I will add that to the list of things I will include in your Pop Culture tutorial.

    Ginny--I know, Ava is getting to the age where we really have to watch what we say. She hears everything!

    And Mai--that IS freaky. How is it possible that all these kids are growing up while we stay perennially young and fabulous? ;)

  10. I think I'm probably stuck at about 29 (the age I was when I met my husband) not 37, and clothes size 12 (UK, not US) not 18. I get a reality check everytime I walk past a mirror!

  11. Amy, i am taking a few minutes to read some of your blogs. i have ALWAYS enjoyed reading anything you write. It was refreshing to read this blog about being frozen in time at some age from the past. Cause this is how i feel, often. at 37 with 2 kids...i know my body does not match my brain and i often think "what happened to the fun, cute, toned, ready for anything 20 something?..who by the way used to work out to jock jams)"
    my oldest daughter who is right around Ava's age, also looks at me oddly when i try to pull my hot dance moves and usually responds with an "oh mommy, what are you doing?" ha! I guess i am perhaps too slowly coming to terms with my age and all that comes with it. Working with youth helps to keep me "young" but as time goes by i think it only reminds me more and more of how out of the loop i really am. i try. love your blogs. -Liz Zabaneh