Thursday, March 19, 2009

Ice Cream and AIG

Why, yes, we DID have a lovely holiday--thank you for asking! I gotta tell ya, this here is a beautiful country that we live in. It's almost as if God created it Himself. Oh, wait.

Anyway, it's nice to be home again. Last night and today, I've been reading the news and catching up a bit on what I've missed. I'm wondering if you find yourself anxious or angst-ridden about the state of things? Corporate executives receiving multi-million dollar bonuses for helping cave the economy? Businesses closing? Lindsay Lohan and Sam Ronson possibly on the rocks? If so, have you considered the therapeutic benefits of ice cream?

'Cause until things are really in the hole, someone somewhere will be making ice cream bars, right? And I think you oughta have one.

Or two. Hey, I ain't gonna judge you. Desperate times and all that.

However, if you find that copious amounts of ice cream aren't helping, there is one other option. But I would really only recommend it in extreme circumstances.

You could try being a near-naked cowboy.

I won't tell you which of these options I've personally tried, but I will say that I find myself remarkably angst-free these days. Perhaps, instead of millions of dollars they probably don't deserve, these aforementioned executives should receive bonuses of banana ice cream bars and faux leather chaps. Isn't that a plan we could all get behind? (Pun not intended. Ok, it was--a little bit.)


  1. ha ha ha, I've missed your writing!! I can tell you that I for one have been on the ice cream bandwagon a long time and IT WORKS!! I could eat it for breakfast lunch and dinner. Really, and did you know that there is a National Ice Cream Day? I SCREAM FOR ICE CREAM YEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!

  2. Girl, that chaps picture is going to be worth MILLIONS!!! one day. The resale of that picture to future classmates, fraternity brothers, bridesmaids and future grandchildren will be enough to stimulate the economy for all time!

    You have single-handedly solved the economic crises and put a huge smile on my face. It's gonna be a l-o-n-g time until I forget that picture!

  3. Oh honey, you're going to get some interesting google traffic from this post!

    I am dying laughing at Nate. It's the over the shoulder look that really says "cowboy stripper."

    I'm really glad you're back--it was cold and dark out here.

  4. Adorable! Yes, ice cream makes everything better ;). And those ice cream bars are unlike anything I've seen here, they look delicious!!!

  5. Thanks, ladies! Jody, you're so right. He'll kill me for that one day!

    And Beck, I totally thought of that. Almost didn't include the pic, but I couldn't' resist. Does it cross the line?

  6. Oh! And I love Ava pink headband? That is so understated and adorable. Please tell me your mother mailed it to you from the US and there is someplace I can find ones like that.

  7. Now do you recommend doing ice cream and bare bum chaps at the same time or is that a little over the top?
    I don't know what was cuter, his totally unconcerned expression with the chaps, or the pics of him eyeballin' his sister's ice cream bar.

  8. Sara, I would never be one to limit someone's freedom of expression. But combining the two may be a little chilly.

    Jody--we got the headbands here, but email me your address and I'll send you some for the girls! For real. (Ahem, I can also send you your Christmas card. Oh dear.)

  9. What cute kiddies. I particularly like that last picture!