Wednesday, March 4, 2009

3 Juvenile Observations from Kindergarten

We are new to this whole "big school" thing, and a couple things have happened this week that have struck me as funny. This will be a short post tonight, as I gots stuff I gots to do. Oh bloggy friends, I can't quit you! Tell me if you've noticed any of these things where you are.

1. Outside Ava's classroom, I am merely one of many moms that arrive to drop off my daughter and pick her up again in the afternoon. However, as I've discovered when I go in to do Reading Groups with the class, once a mother enters the classroom, she instantly becomes an Object of Fascination and Mystery. Ava blows me kisses from her seat. Whispers break out across the room. I feel like I just won some kind of Mom Pageant. Are moms allowed in here? What is she doing here? Whose mom is that? "Are you Ava's mummy?", little Angelina whispers as I lower myself and my burgeoning belly onto one of those tiny chairs.(Lord, this is a sight in itself.) Yes, I tell her. "WHY are you here?", she asks, mystified. Step back out of the door, and the spell is instantly broken.

2. Yesterday, as we walked to the car after school, Ava pointed out another little kindergarten girl. "See that girl? She said she doesn't like my accent." "Hmmm," I say, trying to gauge if this bothers her or not. "That's a silly thing to say." "No, Mom," Ava replies matter-of-factly, "That's a mean thing to say." Yeah, I guess it is. My girl sees things in black and white!

So I get all catty, and tell Ava that I happen to know that the other little girl in question is ALSO from another country, so her accent is different from the others, too! Plus, I say, I have it on good authority that lots of people think her American accent is cute. This made her feel better. I have so far been successful in not egging Little Mean Girl's house. Will keep you posted.

3. A couple weeks ago, Jason asked me what we, the parents are supposed to call Ava's teacher. "Miss _____________," I tell him. "Yeah, but isn't that what the kids call her?" "Of course," I say, "and that's what we call her too. She's a professional. I introduced myself to her and she introduced herself as Miss Blank." This is standard procedure for your kid's teacher, is it not?

Well, the next day he goes to pick Ava up and comes home with a smug gleam in his eye. "I went up to Miss Blank and said,'Hi, I'm Jason.' And she said, 'Hi, I'm Mary.' So there!" Like he'd won some argument or something. But really, imagine you're a young teacher and a devastatingly handsome guy comes up, smiles at you and introduces himself, I mean, what would you do? Look at him, for goodness' sake.

She told him her first name and she probably woulda given him her lunch money, too, if he'd asked for it. She'd friend him on Facebook if she could! I cry foul! And I still call her Miss Blank. Apparently, we aren't on first name terms yet.


  1. Whoa! I think you need to go set Miss Blank straight! LOL. She'd probably friend him on facebook and make him an origami crane if you let her!

    And yeah, I've had the same dilemma. For K and first grade, Laura had the same teacher, and some how I never called her by her first name, even though she's like 13 years old. Or actually she's 30.

    But this year, her teacher is more like our mom's age, and I call her by her first name. I think a good default is the Miss Blank, because it sets an example for the kids. And it's all about the kids, right??

  2. I prefer to use 'Mrs.' or 'Ms.'too. Not so big on the Miss Firstname, but it'll do in a pinch. I always liked that about living down South. That little extra bit of manners. We don't get that so much up here in PA.

    Amy, I'm thinking that you, as the wife of the hunky husband, will never be on a first name basis with the teacher. :) The ladies who have taken my husband on as a pet are sometimes sort of unfriendly to me. (I'm kidding! I'm sure the teacher's a lovely gal!)

    I bet that kid's just jealous of Ava's cute accent.

  3. Please write a book. Please. I'll buy your first copy.

  4. Amy, you are too funny. You make me laugh and I look forward to what you have to say. Keep it girlie!

  5. Hey Crystal...I had dibs on the first copy..many postings ago.!! :) Love this post, Amy!!

  6. Amy, I'm loving reading your updates of what's going on down there. It's great to see yall's life as you enter the Australian public-school realm!

  7. My little ones aren't school age yet so I've got all this to look forward to. I can't wait for children to look at me all misty eyed! Not sure about the teacher thing though - you want to watch her!