Tuesday, October 25, 2011


My "Superlatives" post about our trip is coming, y'all! Just waiting to get a few photos emailed to me. I didn't mention in my last post...Jason and Grace are still in California. I know, right? Jase had some bidness he needed to take care of (not as exciting as it sounds!), and I was petrified to make the big trip home with all 3 kids. Plus, once we got here, I needed to hit the ground running to take care of church stuff in his absence. So, his parents are helping out with Grace in the meantime. So, for the first time in 8 years, I have the days on my own. It is truly BIZARRE, but that's another story. And I'm missing my little munchkin. I miss Grace too, of course. Har har har.

Nate's birthday was in our last week in the States. We got to go to Disneyland on the day, and there was much rejoicing. Especially when Nate saw the "Star Tours" section in Tomorrowland...all those Star Wars themed rides was almost more than he could handle. And the "Build Your Own Light Saber" feature at one of the gift shops? Too good to be true.

Since then, you can imagine that it's been all Star Wars, all the time. Since Jase is still in CA,it falls to me to be the Darth Maul to Nate's Obi Wan. He regretfully informed me that there were no evil girls in the story, and I said that was okay.

Actually, I could get used to this. Nate let me use the new fancy light saber and it TOTALLY lights up and makes that awesome humming-y, electric-shocky sound when you hit it. It's so satisfying to thwack someone's torso with it! (A gentle thwacking, of course!) It was some kind of cathartic experience for me, I think. But then Nate used The Force to make me drop it (which, strangely didn't work when I tried the same move on him) and he went in for the kill.

I think I'm gonna practice while he's at school.


  1. The force must be strong with your young one.

  2. lol! I think Rebekah's present might be redundant then:) she assured me he didnt have one of those thingys but then again she didn't know he'd get one over in Disneyland:) (that's if I'm getting the whole thing right as I'm just not that into Star Wars)

  3. You have some formidable skills , Amy, but I'm not sure you have the skills Nate has. But you are a "trooper" to try. Your toy room looks like Grace is not there. I know you miss her. We sure do!

  4. Nate, (sound of mechanically assisted heavy breathing) I am your grandfather.

  5. awesome photo!
    Did you know that Princess Leah (sp?) has Jedi powers? Also since buying my obsessed with Star Wars son various encyclopedia type books I've seen a bunch of female "warrior" characters. Who knew?