Saturday, June 19, 2010

Saturday morning, 8am

Greetings, all. Welcome to the weekend. You made it--well done.

Jason was out errrr-lay for a men's breakfast. It's cold. I am cold. There is coldness in my life right now. Here's what I've done thus far this morning.

--Fed baby yogurt to a moving target. This takes serious skillz, which I totally have.

--Let Nate eat the rest of last night's popcorn. And a gummy bear. This did not take as many skillz.

--Stared impotently at the fire in the fireplace, willing it to be warmer in the kitchen. (It turns out that desperation does not conduct heat. Bummer.)

--Changed a massive poopy diaper. Epic. Too much baby yogurt, perhaps?

--Drank tea.

--Turned off the "auto complete" for search queries on Google. You know what I mean, right? Where it fills in what you're typing with common search queries? It can actually be helpful, but Ava likes to type in questions to Google ("How do you make pencils?" "What is the biggest house in the world?"), and trust me: you do not want Google to help your 6 year old complete those questions. Typing "How do you..." into Google is asking for an education you didn't ask for. If you know what I mean. Be smart, don't start, y'all.

--Watched the thermometer slowly creep upward. C'mon, baby!

That about covers it so far. It's 8:28am. Time to drink more tea and think warm thoughts. Y'all have a great weekend!


  1. I'm sending you warm vibes from here in Socal!!!

  2. Whew! A busy day and it's not even 9am! I love your bit about Ava and her Google questions. So funny! I can imagine she has a million questions rattling around in that pretty little head. If every day starts off this busy, you need a nap when Gracie takes hers.

  3. Ooh, I recommend going into google settings and turning on safe search. I have it locked on for when Laura wants to find photos of Taylor Swift or something. It works for text and images.

    Can't figure out why you are cold there and I'm hot here. Seems like all the air should rush together and average out. Though I am not a meteorologist.

  4. um yes, I second what Becky said about turning on the safe search on google - we learned this the hard way recently - good thing, we were together and I was doing the typing when a very bad site popped up!!! I was able to exit quickly before the whole page loaded and screamed out for her to close her eyes:) So between this and her innocence, I don't think she actually realised what was unfolding (phew)! But since then, even after changing our safety settings on google, Rebekah is banned from using google unless Ron or I are with her at here side! I just won't tell Rebekah that Ava is allowed to:)
    On a diff note, Ron told me he went for a "bush jog" and not a "bush walk" this morning with Jason and the others :)

  5. Hey Rosemary! Yeah, Jason said they had a good time--I'd think they'd have to run to stay warm out there! :)

    As far as Google...yeah, we're always in the room when she's online. And I usually steer her to a child-oriented site anyway. It's cute watching her type her little questions in!

  6. Harden up girl ;-)

    I can say that seeings as I am over here in a centrally heated house and the sun is shining outside!!!

    It will be a different story when we get back next week!

  7. Yeah Jules, we haven't stolen any of your firewood yet...but I have been tempted to go over there and sit under your heater! ;) You better come home soon!

  8. I wish we could bottle up some butt hot weather and send it your way. We have been in the 90's every day for several days. Sending warm thoughts your way.

  9. It's sticky and in the 80's here so warming up to a fireplace with a cup of tea probably shouldn't appeal to me but it does.
    Epic diaper, not so much. ;)