Wednesday, June 2, 2010

If this is wrong I don't wanna be right.

I love this T-shirt for kids. I'm not sure why.

It's got the freaky-but-cute thing happening, I guess. I think the bunny ears on the green baby face are adorable. Is that strange?

And since you were wondering, I also enjoyed this:

But then again, don't we all love Vikings?

And this print is one of my favorites. It's called Ava's Tea Party.

Love. Look at the little bunnies and all the cakes on the table. The cricket bat! It reminds me of how I always wanted my own life to look like when I was a kid. (That sounds like I had a sad life or something--but you know what I mean!) I am trying to talk Jason into letting me get it for Ava's room. We'll see how that goes.

All of this is from Lark, this website that I stumbled upon and am now drooling over. Go there and be crushed by the weight of its whimsy. Protective headgear may be in order.


  1. I think the print is beautiful and I really like the plate. I must admit the tshirt doesn't do much for me. Could it be that I am too old to appreciate the whimsy? However, you do have wonderful taste and I want to be you when I grow up.

  2. LOVE the print! I know what you mean about how you feel about the print. It's the way I've always felt about so many of the Norman Rockwell pictures. Tell Jason that Ava NEEDS that print!

  3. The plate needs to be mine. Are you sending it to me right now plz?

    T-shirt, yes, freaky cute!

    I need to check out this website.