Sunday, June 27, 2010

Ava's Note to Me

Delivered to me in secret today:

Is there Passive Aggressive Notes website for kids? Maybe I should send this one in.
What do you think?


  1. Well, Nate is at least 50% unreconstructed barbarian, but the chicks are going to go crazy over that very thing. It is just barely possible the Ava was sorry that you were frustrated, and the fact that you might notice how perfect she is would be just a by-product.

  2. Bless her! Did you go all Mommy Dearest and scare her? I'm sure you didn't, so it does look like somebody was polishing her own halo a tiny bit. I love this.

  3. Ava is such a sweetheart! She is SO concerned about Mom and Mom's emotional wellbeing. Empathy. And oh yeah, see what a good kid I am? She makes me smile.

  4. She IS sweet, but also a bit of an opportunist. :)

    @ Becky, no I actually didn't go all "no wire hangers!", I was only mildly frustrated with him. Which made me laugh even more when she gave me the note.

    I know that everyone thinks their kids are funny (as they should) but these kids are funny!

    Speaking of opportunists, Grace just boosted my sandwich. She of the two teeth is hoping to eat my grilled turkey and cheese. Gotta go!

  5. This is way better than the vague "I love you sooo much" letter left on my pillow by Lily after her friend spilled nail polish on Lily's carpet.

    Your kids are hilarious! And very smart ;)

  6. :)
    like mother like daughter.

  7. AH. Well at least you have one good one, since the other one is so difficult and trying.

  8. Funny! Hope you save the note!

  9. I finally got all caught with all of these blogs I've missed! Grace is looking more and more like Jason, huh?