Saturday, June 5, 2010

Don't even ask me about the rest of the laundry.

Here is just a little slice of how together I am.

Those are two towels and a crib sheet that I washed several days ago and hung out on the line. Later that day, it rained and I forgot to go grab them. Then it didn't rain for a day or so. They stayed on the line. Then it rained again. On the line. Then they dried a little. Then it really really rained a torrential amount yesterday. And I have never bothered to go out and get those towels and wash them again. Or do you think they still count as "clean"?

Yesterday I stood at my kitchen window and stared at the clothesline as the rain soaked that stuff again. I briefly considered dashing out there and grabbing them off the line. And quickly put that idea to rest.

So that's some of my mad housekeeping skillz for you. Don't be jealous--you're only hurting yourself, you know.

Chances of towels coming down today: not looking so good. It's our eleventh anniversary, we're helping some friends move today, and then picking up some other friends at the airport. At some point, I will also be eating chocolate and drinking hot tea. Then, me and my Mister will be stepping out this evening. So as you can see, I really don't have 45 seconds to spare to walk outside, take my sodden towels and sheet off the line and bring them in.

It's a busy, busy life. Or perhaps disorganized, but whatever. What was I talking about?


  1. Consider that you are being a good steward of the environment and don't wash them. Rain is clean, huh? I hope you and Jason have a happy anniversary. You know it's still the fourth here.Love to you all.

  2. Have you ever done several loads of laundry while you were cleaning house (or otherwise distracted)and you forgot the last load in the washer? Then you open your washer in about 3 days...

    Happy Anniversary! Love Y'all!

  3. Okay, your towels have inspired me to do a post about the "pool" in our back yard that I was supposed to have cleaned and put away at the beginning of winter, but is now a fetid swamp, and now it's summer again and time to clean it up and fill it again. This should make you feel better about some lousy towels.

  4. So glad you DID have time to 1.take a picture of the towels 2. Post about them so we, your friends and fans could hear of your trials. Your priorities are in the right place rafiki. It would have been so mundane and practical to have spent that time actually getting the laundry down.

    Happy Anniversary! Eleven years? Wowzer.

  5. If today's your anniversary, then 1 week from today, 11 years ago we met at the beginning of a crazy wicked trip to CO! Dare you to blog about that next week! If you do, I will...

  6. Yes, but you definitely have 15 minutes to compose this blog. Love it.

  7. Happy anniversary you lovebirds!

    I don't think the towels are still clean. Sorry.

  8. ha! But think how satisfied you're going to be when you finally get those suckers of the line, right?
    Not that I would have any experience with that or anything.