Saturday, April 17, 2010

I still don't understand what "cold fusion" is supposed to be.

I am sitting in the often-fought-over rocking chair, typing up my sermon for tomorrow. I've been kicking it around in my head for a week or two, so I'm hoping it'll all come across as it should.

It probably isn't helping that I turned on the TV for background noise. I'm home alone tonight, so I like to have some noise. But guess what's playing?

The Saint! It's reminded me how much I like Val Kilmer. Such a handsome sort of fellow, don't you think? This is such a fun movie. Cheesy as anything, but I like cheese. All those disguises! All the wacky science-y hijinks! So I think I might have to turn the TV off so I can get some work done.

And someone once told me I looked like Elisabeth Shue. I really, really don't. I mean, we are both bipeds. And I have blondish, wavy hair. But the resemblance pretty much ends there. I think maybe the person that told me that was nearsighted or something. But whatever, I have a take-all-compliments policy. Once you say it, it's mine, buster.

Okay, well now I'm really procrastinating. Better sign off. Have you ever gotten a really nice compliment that was totally off-base? Do tell!


  1. I never saw that movie, but I do like Val Kilmer.What was your sermon title? I bet it was brilliantly delivered as always. I have this mental image of you bustling all three kids into the car and running slightly late as you rush across town to get to the church. You'll be so glad when Jason comes home, I know!

  2. This totally does not answer your question, but fun story: on a family vacation to Hawaii in the mid-90s, right during the time Melrose Place was totally hot, we stayed at the same resort as the ENTIRE Shue family. Much discussion between my cousins and me was had one morning at breakfast about whether or not it really was Elizabeth Shue that we had seen on the tennis courts. My grandma was all, "Who is Elizabeth Shue?" And my dad, in a characteristically loud voice, was all, "She's that weird guy from 90210's sister!" And right at that moment, Andrew Shue was shimmying behind my dad's chair to get to the fruit tray.

  3. You know, I would absolutely love to hear one of your sermons. I bet you're terrific. Do you have anything taped?

    I met/kind of worked with Val Kilmer once. A friend of ours was directing him in a movie, and hired me to come in and play all the female parts opposite him during rehearsals. He was really nice, and not unpleasant to look at.

    You DO look like Elizabeth Shue. At least you do based on the few random photos I've seen of you on the web.

    Off-base compliment? People always think that Jimmy and I are great dancers. Which is not true. We have no idea what we're doing. But we both manage to "sell it" so we give the illusion of greatness. It's all smoke and mirrors. Without the actual...smoke and...mirrors. Unless you count a disco ball. I'm rambling.

  4. Val Kilmer was the whole and only reason I watched Tombstone twice. Be MY huckleberry, yes please.

    An old friend (okay, flame) once tracked me down after half a decade to tell me that he'd seen something with Ellen Barkin and spent the entire movie thinking about me. I was ridiculously flattered, but I am not blond, busty, or beautiful. So, off-base :)

    I know you must be so glad to be headed to ATL. Thinking of you!

  5. Ooh, Elisabeth Shue is a good one. I thought she was so gorgeous in Leaving Las Vegas, and I also thought, "I bet all hookers don't look like that."

    Everytime Matt tells me that I look like Grace Kelly, I think, "I love you, now please hand me that crack pipe."

  6. Veronica and Gretchen--what stories!! Love 'em. I totally died at the thought of your dad blurting that out, Veronica! I remember Andrew Shue--wasn't it Melrose Place? Okay, now I'm starting to embarrass myself. And've done the neatest things, girl! And I think that alot of social dancing is pulling it off with attitude and confidence, which I imagine you're quite good at!

    Amy--Too funny about your old beau! You clearly need to adopt my accept all compliments policy. See, now you DO look like Ellen Barkin.

  7. Angelina Jolie. Me. NO KIDDING.

    How does anyone on the planet look like her, except for her, including me?

    Does that count? :) I't difficult to accept compliments that are way off.

  8. The only look-alike compliment(?) I've ever received was that I look like Esther...the VeggieTale one.


    Apparently, I resemble a non-descript vegetable without arms but with a wicked cool shoulder accessory.

    That's my claim to fame.

  9. Amy, You always looked like Reese
    Witherspoon to me. However,when I told Jonathan that he said, "Reese
    WISHES she looked like Amy!"

  10. Actually, I think you really do look like Elisabeth Shue!