Sunday, April 18, 2010

Weird Injury of the Day

Because, apparently, that's what is happening around here these days.

Nate just hit himself in the mouth with a garlic press. Apparently, it hurt a whole lot.

No blood, though, so that's a bonus. He has a tendency to hurt himself in random ways. That's my boy! You might be wondering why I would let Nate play with a garlic press. If you're wondering that, I might venture a guess that you've never spent four days alone with 3 children.

Church in a couple hours...there is much to do, and I really should be doing it! But I wanted you to know this late breaking news.

Beware of garlic presses. Vicious things.


  1. Ow! Poor Natey! I can imagine that a garlic press is a heavy chunk of metal and that it would hurt to be hit in the mouth with one.

    My friend Alton Brown would want me to tell you to please not use a garlic press to chop up your garlic. Just smash it with the flat of the knife and then mince it a little. Was that the most annoying comment add-on ever? But maybe this tragedy could have been averted!

  2. ...or you could do like my mother-in-law and use an old fashioned mortar and pestle. I swear, that's what she uses to smush up her garlic. It works great, but is a huge pain to clean. Of course, Nate could just as easily clobber himself in the head with a pestle. Or is that the mortar? Oh Lord, now I have to go look that up...

  3. You know, that garlic press does look painful. Hope little Nate is on the mend soon!

  4. Bless his little heart! Leave it to Nate to hurt himself with a kitchen implement. But you know, the kitchen is supposed to be the most dangerous room in your house. A good reason not to go in there, huh? Oh, and because of the rats.

  5. Yeah, it is a bit heavy. It swung open and bopped him in the mouth. He cried for a minute or two and then was fine.

    And Mom, that's a good point. Except he had taken it from the kitchen and was holding it while watching TV. He didn't want to give it to me. I have no idea why it's captured his fancy!

  6. Oh, and Gretchen and Beck--your alternative garlic utensils intrigue me...perhaps the life I save could be my own? Although you're right, Gretchen, and mortar and/or pestle could be pretty damaging!

  7. I used to own one of those. Dang thing was HEAVY!! I am feeling Nate's pain.

    Now, of course, I am a smash-n-chop girl. I cheat and do a bunch at once and then freeze it. Which I bet would make Mr. Brown frown.

  8. I feel for Nate. I am the queen of random injury. Another dangerous but doesn't look hazardous thing would be the straws from juice boxes. I was drinking one once and sneezed,jabbing it really good into the soft fleshy part in the back of my mouth. It REALLY hurt. Not only did I have a hole in my mouth I also got apple juice up the nose.Worse part of this story? I was 23 when it happened.

    ps Church on Easter went really well and this is the second week in a row I have attended services there. Just in case you were wondering.

  9. We have that EXACT same garlic press, and I can attest, it is the heaviest garlic press I've ever owned. Also, it is my 3 year old's favorite toy. Go figure.

  10. Even little men love their tools!

    Somehow I missed your last post, but please go back and see my comment.
    So glad you are coming to see Becky! XO