Thursday, December 10, 2009

I flew 7000 miles to America and all I got was this lousy stomach bug.

So I've been a little out of commission lately, and that's why. A few of us have been laid flat over the last couple of days. Mostly me, Ava, and Jason's parents. We rallied today and went out for lunch. An admirable attempt was made to feel like normal humans and eat, but mostly we leaned our heads against the back of the booth and looked pale. And then Nate stuck his finger the wrong way through the straw hole in the lid of his drink. Do you know what I mean? So that the little plastic points were digging into his finger when he tried to pull it out. Much freaking out ensued, until the waitress brought us some scissors and Jason cut him free. That was after he got a bunch of soap in his eye in the bathroom.

"Aren't you glad we sat in your section?" I asked our waitress after she brought the scissors. We are the ones asking if the blandest food on the menu could be made more bland and also injuring ourselves in obscure ways. Good times.

Being sick enabled me to reacquaint myself with American cable TV. Let's just say there was a lot of Home and Garden Television watched. I also realized anew how at any hour of the day, somewhere on some channel, there is an episode of "Law and Order" being shown. It's uncanny! I think if extraterrestrials were observing our culture, they would draw the conclusion that "Law and Order" is what holds our society together. Like if an hour goes by that it is not playing somewhere, the stock markets will crash, cows will stop producing milk, and we'll all start driving into ditches. I'm all for law and order as an aspect of daily life, but the TV show? Meh.

Tonight Jason and I have a meeting and then we will hopefully all decorate the Christmas tree. Should be fun! If we can all remain vertical for that long. Fingers crossed!


  1. I am so sorry about your illnesses! But this:

    "We are the ones asking if the blandest food on the menu could be made more bland and also injuring ourselves in obscure ways."

    Cracked me up. When we were in Oz you used to say that it's typical American behavior to ask for special stuff and extras. Like scissors.

  2. oh no! you didn't get it did you! sorry:(
    hope you guys get better soon and praying that atleast Jason stays well!
    and you know what the word verification is - how uncanny - "jirmsgo"

  3. You make this outing, wherein Nate gets hurt twice and you have to rescue him, sound funny. Poor little guy. And poor Ava,I'm sorry she's sick too. Meanwhile, what is little Gracie doing ? Hope tomorrow will dawn on healthy, hardy Hubbarts.

  4. Ohh that sucks! Nothing is worse than being sick when you're on vacation. Hope you feel better soon. At least you haven't lost your sense of humour though!

  5. Oh so sorry :(. At least it was at the beginning of your trip, hopefully it will be smooth sailing from here on out ;)!

  6. Is this just an excuse to getting out of seeing us? Cause after that whole email thing...

    j/k - Get well soon!

  7. Beck, you are so right! The only thing MORE American would've been to ask for a discount because we didn't finish our food or something!

    We are all well again now, thankfully. Hoping it stays that way! And Solid, dude, we are totally on for Saturday. You-know-what or high water.

  8. But did you enjoy the HGTV? I almost wish I'd get sick just to watch it all day. OK, I said almost.
    And I still seriously think you need to take 12 photos of you in Target--make them into a calendar for 2010 and enjoy all next year.
    Glad to hear everyone is feeling better from the California cooties.

  9. Oh, no, no, no. I am SO SORRY to hear about Le Tummy Trouble. (Your post title says it all.)

    You do have a way of making a bad situation into highly amusing blog fodder. Thanks from all of us for the entertainment, at the expense of you and your beleaguered family...

    OH! The L&O thing!! Yes - I think you've hit it exactly, with the aliens. You can see the report now: "The show is clearly an integral aspect of the fabric of their entire culture and existence."