Saturday, December 26, 2009

Festive, festive, festive.

Merry Christmas, everyone! I hope you're having a great day with the people you lurve.

We are counting our blessings to be with our family this year. It's so much fun for the cousins to play together, to catch up with old friends, or listen to Hank and Nate argue over who is more awesome.

That's a tough call.

The past 24 hours have been spent thusly:

--Keeping Nate from pouring hot wax on himself at a Christmas Eve Candlelight service.
--Keeping Nate from setting a woman's hair on fire at a Christmas Eve Candlelight service.
--Convincing Ava that Santa would eat a blueberry muffin when we realized we had no cookies.
--Wrapping, wrapping, and surprisingly, rapping.
--Being sleepy.
--Talking with Dave and the fam about the benefits of Krav Maga versus Muay Thai, with a few exciting demonstrations.

Feats of Strength
Nothing says "Christmas" like self defense.

--Welcoming the Christ child. (No, really. Thank God for God!)

Merry Christmas! Check out Becky's for more pics, if you like.


  1. Merry Christmas to you and yours!! We put off gift opening til we'd been to church and thanked God for our blessings. Then we came and went nuts.

    Awesome pictures...and I checked out the ones over at Becks' place too. Glad you're having fun. When are you going to be back down under?

  2. Merry Christmas Amy! Much love to you all! And hey, when you in NC?

  3. Self-defense, the best gift of all... you are so funny. Merry Christmas, stateside!! Enjoy!

  4. Tickets to "The Princess and the Frog"-$50.00

    Renting a ginormous bounce castle complete with slides- $175.00

    Beloved family being together from four points of the compass-PRICELESS!
    It doesn't get better than this.What a blessing this Christmas has been for us.And by the way, Hank and Hate are equally awesome.

  5. Thanks, Ma! And, um, she means Nate, not Hate.

    I think.

    (Amy posting as Becky--I'm too lazy to sign in)

  6. Merry 27th of December!

    That picture of the boys is priceless. Handsome lads they are!

    Krav Maga? I've got some googling to do.

  7. We are given no greater pleasure on Earth than to gather together with family who love and actually enjoy each other's company. Also, feats of strength!