Saturday, December 19, 2009

You see, I am learning and growing all the time.

I try to be well-rounded, you know. Why, just today I have learned about two new things.

Were you aware of this? I saw it at CVS the other day. I go to CVS when we're in the States, just to stroll and look at the cheap hair styling products. To see that what costs $24 in Australia is $8 here is a fun pastime for me. I am fully aware that this is pathetic. But anyway. The nose pot. So I saw it at CVS the other day, and briefly wondered what it was. Then I noticed that Jason's parents have one at their house. I asked Jason's mom about it and she very obligingly gave me a demonstration. It's supposed to be great for, well, cleansing your nasal passages. And I guess they need that from time to time.

(This is not Jason's mom, by the way.) But doesn't this young lady look so invigorated by the nasal cleansing pot? She is having a great time, y'all! Nothing says "fun" like waterlogged sinuses. I think we should all break it out at our Christmas parties. Forget Rock Band! Let's cleanse! In all seriousness, I'm sure it is helpful. But I hate the sensation of water up my nose. So I'm not sure that I would try it. It also reminds me of waterboarding a little bit. But that is probably just me. Have you done this? How'd that go?

2. The Peepee Teepee.

Jason's brother and his wife arrived yesterday with their delectable newborn twins--a girl and a boy. Today I noticed this little cone-shaped cloth thingy on the changing table. "What is this?" I asked Damon. "It's the peepee teepee," he said, and demonstrated its usage on the baby. Somehow, Jason and I managed to escape ever getting peed on by the newborn Nate, but I know that most parents of baby boys are dodging incoming fire whenever they change diapers. Some enterprising parent seems to have tackled the problem. Pretty nifty. And the fact that the name rhymes? Even better.

Now, someone needs to invent something that will deal with what happens when those baby boys get to be about 3 or 4 and start peeing standing up. Cause dang. There is an industry waiting to happen.

Think of this as a mini-holiday gift guide, like all them fancy bloggers are doing! After all, nothing says "Jesus is born" like nose pots and peepee covers. Am I right? No?


  1. OH this is funny ! I love the image of you cruising the stores finding things that you don't have in Oz. It's kinda like "Stranger in a Strange Land". Oprah was on the Neti pot for a while. Of course Dr. Oz was part of that action. They actually brought audience people up to try the thing out. They professed to love it. Never tried it. Now the teepee might be a good idea, huh?

  2. My goodness! You would never catch me using one of those pots. But my husband would have killed for one of those peepee teepees.

  3. I have heard of the wonders of the nose pot thing, but I just can't imagine using it.

    And somehow we made it through without the peepee teepee. It is adorable though.

  4. I have used the nose pot, but in this area it is called a Neti pot. I had a friend recommend it to me when I was having difficulty recovering from a sinus infection. It seems like a horrible idea but actually it's not bad! As a matter of fact it's addicting. There is nothing like having cleansed sinuses.Boy could we have used a Pee pee teepee about 30 years ago.

  5. I have a Neti Pot. I used it once, felt like I was drowning, and promptly packed it under my sink. I have friends that swear by it... possibly I did it wrong and need a tutorial or a live demonstration. I'm much more of a visual learner.

  6. I, too, am also aware of the neti pot. In fact, the first person who suggested it to me was my best friend's mother-in-law-- random. I'm too scared of it, though. I do get some crazy allergies, so I suppose it should be fab, but there isn't much I like to stick up my nose, and liquids are WAY down on that list.

    My question about the pee pee teepee was always: "Can you wash it? You have to wash that dang thing every time it gets peed on???"

  7. I've used the neti pot and here's the thing, if you do it correctly, it does not feel like water going up your nose. In fact, it feels pretty neat and it did help when I had an allergy/cold thing and could not bear to blow my nose one more time. It's all about how you tilt your head. I was never very good at it but I did do it right a few times. Cassie, you should try it again. I had no idea (until I used it) that you could just put something in one side of your nose and it would come out the other. I guess I imagined that each nostril just led to some dark abyss somewhere. It was a good anatomy lesson.

  8. I too am impressed by the sheer inventiveness of the American people for coming up with, let alone naming, the PeePee TeePee.

    And yes, impressed too with the inventiveness of the yogis (I believe it was they) who gave us the neti pot, because it is one of those things I can no longer live without.

    My virgin voyage with nasal irrigation (for a nasty sinus thing) instantly transported me back YEARS to flip turns in a pool... but minus the chlorine.

    I try to use it regularly, especially after big parties and other close-encounter gatherings (airplanes!), so as to wash out pesky viral germs before they get a solid purchase. Yes, seriously!

  9. WHEW!

    I almost thought after the Jan 1 snot post that my husband would have hesitation about kids... until this fun contraption! The peepee-teepee. I've been redeemed. By now more than just God. The list of things that freak David out about kids (changing boys diapers for this reason!) is now one item shorter.

    The peepee-teepee. Just had to type it once more. Merry Belated Christmas!!