Saturday, September 12, 2009

Taking our act on the road

Grace and I are heading out this afternoon to fly to Albury-Wodonga, two lovely, small towns that are on the border of New South Wales and Victoria. (If you need a chuckle, just say "Albury-Wodonga" a few times fast. It's fun.)

Our good friends Jason and Olivia are pastors there. They just welcomed twin boys into the world last week, making it kids number 4 and 5. Dang! And I say again, dang. I'm going down this weekend to preach at their church service on Sunday, cause with 10 day old twins and 3 other gorgeous children, neither of them are sure if they can form coherent sentences. And when that's your standard for public speaking, I'm your girl! No bar is too low.

I've preached several times since Grace has been born, but this will be the first time without a pre-determined baby-holder. So pray that she behaves herself so mama can bring it like it oughta be broughten. And, if you're in the area--which would be an unreal stroke of divine providence--come see us! Otherwise, I'll check in later. Have a lovely weekend, y'all!


  1. I'm, for once, the first commenter to one of your blogs!! Ha ha, suckas! :) J/K...
    Just wanted to say... love the term "broughten". Love you, Love Grace. Love Hubbarts. You'll bring an awesome word, I know it!

  2. Ooh let us know how the preachin' went, like if Grace behaved, etc.

    And I'm so jealous that you get to see Dave soon!

  3. So, is that the chair you picked up from the council give away ( I mean clean up!) :)
    It's looking good!
    I'm sure you did a fantastic preach down in Albury-Wodonga!