Monday, September 14, 2009

Home Again

Grace and I have just returned from our whirlwind trip to Wodonga. (Again, you really ought to say that phrase to yourself a few times. Just a suggestion.)

She did really well with the flights and the change of scenery and even got to hang out with a couple of fellas.

Totally chaperoned of course. That's Ben on the left there, and Alex on the right. Don't they make Grace look like Ginormica? They are the cutest little guys--both somewhere in the 6 pound range. I just love the expressions on all their faces--they are clearly not impressed with each other. Grace: "Mind if I put my hand on this fuzzy armrest?" Ben: "Dude, get your arm off my soft spot."

Church went well yesterday--I had fun meeting everyone and I think the sermon went pretty well. At least, no one pelted me with anything, so that's a good sign. This church meets in the function room of a cafe, so you can walk in, order a coffee or a snack and a waiter delivers it to you in the middle of the service. Now, that's my kind of church!

The only hitch--Grace ended up getting conjunctivitis (pink eye) on Sunday night and back in Sydney, Nate came down with a high fever and cough. Last night, after talking with Jase about fever management on the phone, I texted to see how Nate was doing and got this reply: "He is asleep but has already woken up and was partially hallucinating. But I think he's ok." Yes, what every mother wants to hear when she is hundreds of miles away from her baby boy. Let the guilt begin! Thankfully, after that wakeup and some more medicine, Nate slept all night and was feeling well enough to talk my ear off all the way home from the airport. ("Mom, what day is today? Can I have a milkshake when we get home? Mom, how do you make milkshakes? Can I make a milkshake? Mom, milkshakes cool my breath off.")

So, next on my to-do list (which I don't have): 1. Unpack, 2. Bathe Grace's ooky eye 3. Take Nate to the doctor in an hour, 4. Pick Ava up from school, 5. Try to keep all kids from breathing on/touching/looking at each other.

Just keepin' it real.


  1. Yikes! I am sorry everyone is so ooky! You have got your hands full.

    And this picture makes me laugh. Grace is so huge compared to these guys! Also, the way her face has chubbed up makes her look like a different baby than in July. Cutie!

  2. that is such a funny picture of Grace and the twins! she does looks ginormous next to them!

  3. Grace does look so much more mature than those fellas!

    I'm just starting to not totally freak about fevers.

    Get well soon to everyone!

    (Serving coffee during church?!)