Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Empty Nest

Today, Mom and Dad headed back to the States. (Becky, now more than ever, a sad trombone is appropriate.) Wah, wah, wah indeed. I feel so lucky to have had a whole month with my family here. It was such a blessing to watch the cousins all play together and hang out with each other.

Yes, it's sad to have your parents leave the nest, but eventually you have to let them go so they can spread their wings and all that. I mean, you prepare them the best you can, teach them all you know, and then it's up to them, right?

And then there was the Iphone round table. What with the comparing of the apps and the connecting to the Wi-Fi and the general infatuation. I would say that, cumulatively, Iphone usage, maintenance and discussion took up about 2.75 weeks of the month altogether.

(Dad, Becky and Jason in their secret Iphone club. Snobs.)

Warm fuzzies aside, I'll miss the extra help with the kids! Jason left to take Mom and Dad to the airport at 7 this morning, so it was my first time to do the whole morning routine sans help, plus three kids. So that's getting me dressed, getting them dressed, getting them fed, lunches and backpacks packed, finding car keys and Baby Bjorn, and out the door for school. "Big school" dropoff for Ava, then "little school" for Nate. Whew! We did it, though, without any tears. And the kids didn't cry, either!

I didn't wanna come home to a family-less house, so Grace and I took ourselves to the mall for a couple hours. She is a doll, y'all! Just about ready to crack 9 pounds (4kgs!), bless her.

That's what's happening at our house. What's shakin' with you?


  1. I'm sorry they all had to go home, it's not fair but well done for being so grown up about it. I think I would have cried for about 3 weeks (if my family weren't all slightly disturbed of course).

    If you really want to know what I'm up to, I'm about to make a cottage pie for tea.

  2. I think that baby smile would help keep me in good spirits, too.

    Did they even notice you taking a picture of their secret iphone club?

    bsouth: what's a cottage pie?)

  3. I know your parents loved being with you! Grace is soooooo cute! Levi is 13 pounds. Big boy! Take care. Kiss all those kiddies for me.

  4. Well, there were a few knots in the throats and a few teary eyes. It was sad to leave, but we had a fantastic visit ! The whole country is a very welcoming place. And the Hubbarts know how to host guests. Kiss the kids for me and tell Ava I'm thinking of more stories. Kiss Kiss.

  5. sorry:(
    (see I'm starting to sound like you - that's what happens with the pastor and their flock, they start to talk the same:))
    well, you are blessed to have lovely parents and a lovely family all up:)
    glad you got to spend some time with them and good on them for letting you head down under so far away from them!

  6. Too cute. I know I've said it a million times, but I just love your writing :). And the iphone club comment made me laugh! "Snobs"

    We just got back from a fab two week vacation :).

  7. Can you imagine how easy managing 3 kids would be if sisters (or in my case sisters-in-law) lived nearby??

  8. That picture of the three of us is hilarious! I was totally oblivious to your taking it. I think that was when Jase and I were comparing white noise apps. Good times!

  9. Hi friend....what a wonderful time you must have had! I am so happy you had so much time with la familia. you are right...Grace aka Jamie is so cute! I miss you in the worst way girl! We are having great time baking in Arizona 117 degrees!! Todd and dad bulidng a shade covering for my brother in the heat----great way to lose weight and brain cells all at once!! Well gotta go swimppin' with the neices--they are beating on my door! love you!